Friday, December 3, 2010

Product Review: Flip Diapers

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions.

Rating: C
I would not buy this product again

Review: While these diapers are relatively easy to use, it can be annoying to fold and insert the absorbent pad into the waterproof cover every time you change the diaper. When you're looking for a quick change, this is probably not the answer because it takes more than one second to pull out the dirty insert and fold then insert the new one. Also, when putting the diaper on, the insert does not easily stay under the back flap so a wiggly baby makes it all that much harder to get the diaper on. The pad in this diaper is not very absorbent either. It is a good diaper to use when your baby is awake and playing because they will let you know when the diaper is dirty right away. When your baby is sleeping, they will either wake crying from a dirty diaper (and not be ready to get up yet), or they will wake after a nice long nap with a little puddle under them because no matter how well you put the diaper on, it is not meant for heavy wetting as you usually get when baby is sleeping. Also, when baby has a blowout, the insert won't hold it all so the inside of the waterproof cover will get dirty as well, thus needing to be washed and you'll need to pull a fresh one out. This can be annoying when it is the first time you have used the cover this day (or when it is your last clean cover left).

These diapers are good for travel when baby will be awake. For example, a picnic in the park. The inserts are small enough to fit at least 5 in the diaper bag easily with at least 2 extra waterproof covers just in case. I imagine, although I don't have experience here yet, that this would be a good diaper to use when trying to start potty training. The baby can feel when s/he is wet right away. Another pro to the Flip diapers is that they are on a snap system and grow with your baby.

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