Thursday, February 24, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Little Muffin Bottoms Pocket Diaper

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions. I was not compensated in any way for this review.

Rating: A-

I would recommend this to others


Little Muffin Bottoms pocket cloth diaper is a very cute, well-made diaper. When I first saw it in person I was very excited by the appearance and quality. I could tell that a lot of time was put into making this diaper and that the materials used were of a higher quality.

This diaper is very unique in that the pocket opens in the front just above the aplix rather than in the back like most pocket diapers. To be entirely honest, my first thought was that it was unique, but then I was a bit thrown off. It took me two tries to get the diaper on my daughter properly with the insert staying put in the back and not overflowing out the front. However, I’m confident that I can easily get used to this unique feature. The reason for my troubles at first was simply that I am so used to back-opening pocket diapers.

My favorite things about this diaper, aside from the quality and appearance, include the trim fit and the extra long insert that is very absorbent. I love that this diaper is so soft inside. The extra long insert provides double coverage which makes this diaper ideal for a heavy wetter.

My biggest gripe about this diaper is that it is small in size. I asked for a size large because Baby “S” is currently 22.5lbs and rather chunky. When I first saw the diaper, I was afraid that it wouldn’t even fit her because it looked so small! I decided to wash the diaper and give it a shot anyway. It does fit her, but it is a bit small and tight on her. I do not think it will fit her for much longer, which makes me very sad because I do like this diaper so much. If you choose to order this diaper, please recall that it seems to run small.

Overall, I think that this diaper is well worth the money. It is not only cute, but also unique in the placement of the pocket opening. This diaper is among the first that I reach for at every diaper change!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Great Breastfeeding Resource

Kellymom is my all-time favorite breastfeeding resource. I have had little support throughout my breastfeeding journey and this web-site has been a life-saver on many occasions. Kelly is a board-certified lactation consultant who created this website with forums and blog in order to help as many moms as possible.

Among the included articles are topics such as: beginning breastfeeding, breastfeeding an older child, problems with breastfeeding, herbs when breastfeeding, what is safe and what isn’t, and relactation. There are many, many other articles and topics that she discusses.

I highly recommend that you check out this website if: you are breastfeeding, you plan to breastfeed, you want to know more about breastfeeding, your significant other breastfeeds, or you know someone who is breastfeeding and has some questions. (read: everyone should check out this website!)

In addition, Kelly also discusses topics such as attachment parenting, night time parenting, starting solids, post partum depression, nutrition for baby and mom, and many others.

All in all, a wonderful resource!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Handsewnbyme Fitted Cloth Diapers

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions. I was not compensated in any way for this review.

Rating: A+
I recommend these diapers to everyone!


I have been struggling for several months now to find the perfect overnight diapering system because 9 month old Baby “S” is a very heavy wetter. The pockets that we have tried (even when double inserts are used) are easy for her to wet through at least twice each night. Then I tried the fitted diaper by handsewnbyme. These diapers are AWESOME! I cannot say enough great things about them! They are soft, absorbent, have layers of zorb sewn into them, and are very affordable! (only $8 for a size large). Best of all, they have Velcro closure rather than snaps, and in that debate I am firmly on the side of aplix because of past experiences with both.

Not only is the product great, but the seller is wonderful as well! She is quick to ship, responds very quickly to messages, and is willing to work with you to try to create a diaper you would like. If you need a size large but like a print you see in a smaller size, she is more than willing to try to create the diaper you would like (although this of course is dependent on whether or not she still has material in that print).

That being said, I do have a few complaints about the diaper. When Baby “S” wakes up in the morning, she is soaked all around. To try to rectify this situation, I recently bought Bummis fleece liners to sit inside the diaper to help wick the moisture away from Baby “S” so she does not feel so wet all night long. I have been using the Bummis liners with this fitted diaper for about two weeks now and it works perfectly. My other complaint is that the Velcro strip is very wide so I sometimes feel a bit concerned that it might rub on Baby “S”’s tummy although it really never has.

I have only used these diapers at night, so I cannot yet speak to their ease of use during daytime wear. I do feel that they hold up well if properly cared for. They are much nicer than I had expected for their price. I feel that they are a higher-quality diaper for a much lower cost. I just ordered 5 more so that I have one for most nights and I will no longer need to go a night without one!

Please note: a cover is required for this diaper!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Favorite Overnight Diapering System

Baby "S" is an extremely heavy wetter. I have tried double stuffing numerous brands of pocket diapers and she still manages to wet through them at least twice each night. So I tried a fitted with a cover and it worked pretty well but Daddy "S" and I didn't like how wet she was in the morning. Finally, I settled on an option that seems to work very well for us and finally we're very happy with our night-time situation. Here it is:

First, we put a Bummis Fleece Liner inside the diaper. The diaper is a fitted diaper that has cotton on the inside touching baby, zorb layered in the middle, and cotton print on the outside. The diaper is $8 for a large (gasp!), high quality, and made by handsewnbyme. We put either a Zookies (review coming) or Bummis cover on the outside.

This system is amazing! It keeps all the wetness from leaking through because the entire diaper is absorbent. Not to mention how absorbent zorb is! The liner looks so incredibly thin I didn't think it would do anything, but it seems to wick the moisture away from Baby "S" so when she gets up in the morning she doesn't feel very damp at all. I'm not sure that it really adds much absorbency but they are so thin you could layer multiple liners in the diaper to truly add more.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Cloth Diapering Resources

I have found over time that when I research different cloth diapering topics online there are mulitple sites with answers to the same questions and I feel that I waste a lot of time looking for the resource with the most clear, east to use, helpful information. Therefore, I have decided to help out all my followers and friends by posting the list of my favorite articles and resources to make it easier for you. Happy Diapering!

Here are links to articles that I have found to be helpful:

How Many Cloth Diapers?
New To Cloth FAQ
More FAQ
10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me
10 Reasons To Cloth Diaper
10 Myths About Cloth Diapering

Here are links to information. These are the ones that I use most often and I have found to be the most helpful:

Detergent Chart
Diaper Fabric Explained
Washing Cloth
Stripping Cloth (easier than you think)
Pros & Cons: The Systems Explained <--BEST place for a beginner or someone looking to try a new system to start!! Truly a “must-read”

Here is a linky list of accessories that I find to be essential for making your experience as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible:

Diaper pail liner (I have 2 of these because when I wash diapers, I toss the liner in with them and put the second in the pail right away)

Wet Bags (I have 2 large drawstring bags that I keep folded up in my diaper bag at all times—they fold up sooo tiny yet somehow each holds at least 6 soiled pocket diapers + cloth wipes !)

Diaper Sprayer. I linked to one but there are a lot of other options besides spending this much on one. You can very easily make your own. Or, if your shower sprayer reaches the toilet bowl you can just use that…its what I do. However, you probably won’t need one until your baby starts purees and the poops begin to become a bit more solid.

Monday, February 7, 2011

We Have A Walker!!

Well...sort of anyway. Baby "S" is now able to walk the length of the couch without any assistance from us or other walking aids. At 9 months old, I have decided she can slow down! I tried to tell her so, but she just disagreed and has determined that she will be a completely independent walker by 10 months old. My general thought: help! She's mobile! Let the major baby-proofing commence!

As you can see from the photo above, her favorite activity is now unrolling the toilet paper. Also, she likes to play with our Husky/Lab mix dog Harley and pull all the movies off the shelves as well as open the kitchen cabinets and pull out the pots and pans. I have no idea why I spent so much on baby toys for Christmas when all she really needed was a big pot and a wooden spoon!

Absence due to reflux

Please excuse my extended absence. Baby "S" began having some troubles recently and after a trip to the pediatrician, her Zantac dose was increased quite a bit. After about a week we saw some incredible improvements in er sleeping, mood, and crying. Yay for Zantac! I'm glad that's all it was even though she wasn't sleeping much and was quite the needy little baby before the increased dosage kicked in. I'm back now and will be posting on a regular basis again, beginning with a product review in just a few moments :)