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The winner of the IttyBittyBums AI2 Diaper is #60:

Congratulations aperry! With a comment: facebookshare. I checked her link and confirmed.

aperry you have 48hrs to respond to your email!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 3 Under Cover: Sewing A Cover

One of the absolute cheapest ways to get a cover is to sew one (or so I've heard). I'm in the process of trying my first one right now.

There are many places online to get free cloth diaper patterns. All you really need to do is google search and print out your favorite. Or, you can always trace a diaper you already have and love (don't forget when tracing near elastic, pull the elastic taught to get the actual measurement of the side!

You should have one layer of PUL (which can be expensive but if you get it on sale from a craft store it can be quite cheap). My first cover will be two layers of PUL, shiny sides facing in. The outer layer can be anything that is polyester (no cotton as it will draw the wet toward it thus making the diaper less waterproof). Make sure your threat is also 100% poly!

Personally, I prefer fold over elastic with a nice wide zigzag stitch around the entire cover. Easiest to deal with and the best fit. However, if you would rather you can always either serge or stitch and turn your cover and case elastic in around the legs and back.

Honestly, I can make about 4 simple diaper covers (depending on the size of the cover you make, how much material you buy, and how much you spend on material) for the price of one from the store. They may not look as pretty but they sure are functional. Baby "S" wears them under her jammies at night so we don't really get to see them anyway!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 3 Under Cover: Covers

The past few weeks we've been discussing prefolds and fitteds in the hope that you will try some of them. The missing ingredient with either of these is a cover. Covers are the part that keep the wet in. They are the barrier between the soiled diaper and the rest of baby's clothing. A cover can either make or break your system, in a manner of speaking.

A cover that is too small or not water resistant enough will not stop leaks. Therefore, when buying a cover it is important to be sure you order the right size. Since sizes tend to overlap (weight-wise) I prefer to order the size up if Baby "S" is borderline. That way, I can keep the cover pulled tight for the immediate future, and as she grows into the cover, I can fasten it further out.

One thing I love (no really...LOVE...I mean it) in a cover is fold over elastic (ie: FOE) binding around the entire cover. Rather than pinpoint elastic that goes around the legs and in the back, this elastic binding goes around the entire diaper cover. The cover will lay more flat that if it had the "real" elastic in it (Zookies covers I believe use fold over elastic). I like this because when I use a fitted at night, I like the front and legs to have a nice elastic-y tightness to it since Baby "S" is now a belly sleeper. It is not tight elastic like you might be thinking where the fabric will pull and bunch and leave a red mark on baby. This simply causes the fabric to roll up just a bit and to stay nice and tight against baby's skin rather than just hanging out...much better for a belly or side sleeper!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wool Cover Winner!

Congratulations to Darcy! She won the wool cover giveaway from GrandmaGift11 on Etsy! Darcy, you have 48hrs from now to respond to the email :)

So sorry to you all for the late announcement. Baby "S" had a very difficult night last night so I'm just getting around to posting results now. I did go through the comments and delete any that were posted after the giveaway ended to make the drawing fair. Also, I am not using my own laptop at the moment (Baby "S" threw that on the floor so its at the computer doctor now awaiting a prognosis). Therefore, I took a screenshot of the winner (#32) which I will post within the next day or so on here.

Congratulations again to Darcy! Don't forget we still have one giveaway going for an AI2 diaper that is pretty awesome!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week 2 Under Cover: How To Fasten Your Prefold

Should you decide to try the Angel Fold for your prefold diapers (and I do think you should), you will need to know how to fasten it. These techniques will work for a fitted diaper with no closure options (snaps or hook and loop) as well.

Option 1:

Yes, you see that correctly. Diaper pins are still sold! If you want to save money or if you are comfortable using pins, you can still buy them and use them. Pins are your cheapest option. Personally, I have always had trouble getting the pins in even before Baby "S" became all wiggly, but if you can then power to ya!

Put a pin on either side. Try to get as much of the diaper in the pin as possible so that the diaper fits nice and snug.

Please please please get DIAPER PINS if you do this! Regular large safety pins will not work. Diaper pins have a special safeguard in them so the baby cannot unhook them if squeezing them. You have to squeeze up and in to unhook a diaper pin, unlike a safety pin. So although they look the same, they work slightly differenly.

Option 2:

This is a Snappi. Snappis are the most popular option nowadays. They are safe, easy to use, and although they are more expensive they are also more versatile.

To attach follow the directions on the packaging the snappi comes in. Basically, hook the left side, pull and hook to the right side, pull and hook to the bottom. I have learned that you need to put your thumb on the Snappi on the left side when pulling to the right, and your thumb and index finger on the right and left Snappi when pulling down. Otherwise you may pull the Snappi right off and have to start again! Although it looks a bit confusing, I promise the Snappi is very easy to use!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Giveaway & Review: IttyBittyBums AI2 Diaper!!

Rating: A+

Review: The ittybittybums diaper is an AI2 style diaper. This basically means that its a cross between an AIO and a Pocket diaper. There is a cover but with a nice soft inside sewn in. A liner is placed on top of that and fastened on the baby. This diaper fits very well for a sized diaper. It is nice and roomy. The outside is a very cute print and the inside is very soft.

I especially like the liner. Although it stains easily, it is very absorbent and because it dries separately from the diaper it is ready for use again very quickly(rather than an AIO that is sewn in and takes much longer to dry).

I also like that this diaper has laundry tabs that are different from any I have seen before. Instead of folding the tabs over so they are in line with the back of the diaper, you fold them down and attach them to a common laundry tab several inches from the top of the diaper. These tabs work the best of any I have tried. You won't get a diaper chain involving this diaper!

My only gripe about this diaper is the sizing. Baby "S" is very chunky and a belly and side sleeper so I would prefer a higher rise with a little more leg room. I am not saying there is a low rise or small leg room by any means...just that for my chunky monkey I'd like a little more room. Despite that, this is still among the first diapers that we reach for during a change.

A word on service: her service is wonderful! She has no problem doing custom orders, which is how I would do it next time just to get a little extra room (although I believe that she may be taking only a certain number of custom orders each month so you might have to wait a bit unless you get your order in early!). She is always willing to work with you to create a diaper you and baby will love!

How to buy this diaper:

IttyBittyBums diapers are available for purchase here. These diapers run about $12-$18 depending on what you want. She also sells trainers, covers, and minky AI2 diapers in addition to accessories.

How to win this diaper:

IttyBittyBums is giving away a custom AI2 diaper! You choose size and give a few print options.

Mandatory Entry:

*don't forget your email address in each comment so I can contact you if you win! If you do not include an email address I will have to choose another winner!

Visit IttyBittyBums Website and comment below telling me one item that you would love to try.

Extra Entries:

1. Publicly follow this blog (1 extra entry)

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Zookies Cover Winner!!


We have a winner! Congratulations orangefukurou!!

Comment #229 was the winning comment:

Orangefukurou check your email! You have 48hours to respond!

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway. Don't forget that there is still a giveaway for a wool cover available, and look tomorrow afternoon for another great giveaway for an AI2 diaper!

Zookies Cover Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Zookies cover giveaway ends at 9pm EST TONIGHT!! Get your entries in for a chance to win!

Also, the Wool Cover by GrandmaGift11 ends March 21st and has low entries...get your entries in for that as well (entering for that will get you extra entries for the Zookies giveaway as well!)

Good luck! See you back here at 9pm tonight!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 2 Under Cover: What To Do With Unused Prefolds

Either you no longer need to use them or you tried them and you don't like them. Regardless, you have a stash of now-unused prefolds lying around taking up space and collecting dust. What to do with them? Here is a list of things I have done with my prefolds. Maybe you'll find a few helpful.

1. Donate them to The Cloth Diaper Foundation

2. Cut them up and sew them into reusable nursing pads

3. Cut them up and sew them into a fitted diaper

4. Toss a few in the garage for use when working on icky parts of cars

5. Use them as burp cloths (if they are absorbent enough to soak up pee they can handle even the worst case of me!)

6. Use them to dust and polish with

7. Let your kids cloth diaper their babydoll with them

8. Use them to line another diaper such as a fitted or pocket for added absorption.

9. Keep them in the kitchen for kids to use when learning to pour drinks or for when they help you in the kitchen

Regardless of whether you like them as diapers or not, prefold diapers are the most versatile diaper around. While we ended up disliking ours, we did give it a great effort and have never regretted getting them because we have used them in so many ways! I have even recommended that my new mommy friends get a pack to keep around the house regardless of whether they are cloth diapering or not (makes it easier when I try to convince them to give cloth diapering a try too)!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 2 Under Cover: Tell Me About Prefolds!

Prefolds are basically pieces of cloth. They are usually layered in the middle so it is the thickest there. You fold the piece of cloth into thirds, place inside your cover and voila!

There are two ways to fold a prefold depending on the size of your baby and cover you will be putting it in. You can either fold it, as your elementary school teacher once said: "like a hamburger bun or like a hotdog bun"

The hamburger bun fold is best for a newborn (if you don't have newborn size prefolds). The hotdog bun fold is best for all other sizes of babies. As you can see, the hotdog bun style has the thin sections folded on top of the thick middle length-wise. The hamburger bun has the shorter sides of the rectangle folded in so the middle is very thick. This works best for a newborn (that super thick middle will actually be right where you want it to be) and if you have a very large prefold and want to fold it to wrap around your baby, although you can use either fold for a wrap depending on what works best for you.

You can also wrap your prefold around baby so it fits more like a fitted diaper. I have found that doing this seems to make the diaper a bit less absorbent because some of the material is no longer under baby but rather around them. Some people say this is the best way to wear a prefold, so you'll have to try it for yourself!

Yes, prefolds are sold in different sizes to best fit the needs of your baby. Any given size is made with extra room for your baby to grow into. The extra can be folded over so the prefold fits best into your cover. Where you place the extra material will depend on the gender of your baby: extra goes in the back for girls and in the front for boys (this is true of all cloth diaper inserts that you will fold).

Coming up this week I will post on: pros and cons of prefolds, how to keep your prefold closed if you wrap it around baby, and what to do with your prefolds if you don't like them or if you have stopped needing them.

Happy Diapering!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giveaway & Review: Wool Cover *closed*

**This product reviews were written by me and 100% my own opinions. I did not receive any form of compensation for these reviews.

Rating: A

GrandmaGift11 is an etsy store that I just discovered. She knits wool covers (also called soakers) for sale. She graciously agreed to allow me to review one and provide a custom-made one for giveaway. First, I must say that her service is wonderful! Her sizing didn't exactly fit Baby "S"'s chunky legs, so she made me a custom cover without a second thought. Her shipping was fast as well.

Now, on to the cover itself. This cover is sooo cute! It is soft and tightly knitted to prevent leaking through (which I admit was a concern of mine as I had never tried a wool cover before). All wetness stays inside the cover although if the fitted diaper is soaked, it may feel a bit damp to the touch on the outside of the cover. The cover feeling damp can be easily avoided by changing baby before the diaper inside is completely soaked (which is something you generally do anyway!)

The cover rise is nice and high on Baby "S" and well covers the diaper inside the cover. The extra material is fitted very nicely on her leg so there is nothing running down her leg (as I had feared there might be without actual elastic around the leg). It is also nice and roomy so that a bulkier fitted diaper fits nice and snug inside and isn't too tight around Baby's legs or waist.

This cover may be used multiple times depending on how soaked through the diaper is (as with any cover). The cover is nice and soft against baby's skin. Baby "S" seems to be sensitive to nearly everything in that area but this cover has never bothered her. It is also easy to wash. It needs to be hand washed. Toss some wool-friendly soap in a bucket along with cold water and let the diaper soak. After it soaks a bit, swish it around and rinse it thoroughly. Hang to dry. Simple.

It is also important to note that GrandmaGift11 pre-lanolizes the cover for you so that you don't have to buy lanolin and do that yourself.

How to buy this wool cover:

Check out her etsy store! Covers run about $20 each. (She has some super cute soaker skirties you should check out for little girls too!)

How to win this cover:

Mandatory Entry:

Check out her etsy store and leave a comment here with one item you would like to try.

**Leave your email address in each of the comment boxes so I may contact you should you win.

Extra Entries:

1. Publicly follow this blog (1 extra entry)

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I will verify all entries prior to posting a winner. Winner will be chosen on March 21st at 9:00pm EST via Winner has 48hrs to respond via email or a new winner will be chosen.

Week 1 Under Cover: Good Times To Use A Fitted

In theory, you can use any diaper any time. For some diapers I suppose this is probably true. However, in my experience, different diapers serve different purposes. For example, I prefer a pocket when I'm traveling over 30 minutes because it keeps my baby feeling drier.

First, you should know that Baby "S" is a heavy wetter, especially at night. I struggled for months to find a nighttime diapering system that works for us! My opinions of fitted diapers are based on this fact.

I have found that the best times to use a fitted diaper is overnight. If you have a heavy wetter like Baby "S", you will be amazed! No more changing 3 times per night, no more peeing through multiple jammies, no more washing every day! It is incredible how well a fitted + cover can work overnight!

I also like to use mine when I'm just hanging around the house and we aren't going out. That way, when she pees through it, I can quickly change her. When she's wet and awake, she notices and wants a change right away (she can sleep through the wet at night).

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 1 Under Cover: How To Get Fitted Diapers Cheap

I admit, fitted diapers are not the cheapest things in the world. Then on top of it you have to buy a cover! (Although you do not necessarily need one cover per fitted diaper depending on whether you use them during the daytime or nighttime). Here are some things I have found for getting good fitted diapers at a cheaper cost.

1. Try to win them. Takes a little time to enter but if you win then you get a fitted or two for free!

2. Make them. Either from a prefold diaper or from fabric. Depending on what fabric you get, how much, and from where it may be the cheapest option. Or, if you have a bunch of prefolds lying around that you don't use you can always turn them into some nice fitteds! Check the links below to find directions on sewing.
Prefold to Fitted
Sewing a Fitted

3. Check Etsy. Etsy is full of WAHMs and sometimes you can find a real gem for a low price. My all-time favorite fitted diaper is made by handsewnbyme and sold on Etsy. These diapers are cloth inside and out with layers of zorb in the middle. Very absorbent, cute, functional and cheap! Only $8.25 for a large + very reasonable shipping.

4. Check Ebay and other resale diaper sellers. Be careful of the quality. When I was checking this out, my first thought (I admit!) was that there is no way I want a diaper someone else used! But then I found that if you look frequently (as they get snatched up quickly) you can find barely used diapers that someone bought to try and ended up disliking. Just make sure if you bid on something that you don't bid over the limit of what it would cost you if you bought brand new!!

Those are my tips and what I usually do when buying diapers. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share! Happy Diapering!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Giveaway & Review: Zookies Cover! *CLOSED*

Rating: A +

I recommend this cover to everyone


I was on the fence about this cover prior to trying it because it is about $15 and I generally don’t spend that much on my diapers or covers. When it arrived in the mail and I ripped the packaging open, I was first very impressed by how cute it was! Then I pulled it out and I couldn’t believe how soft it felt! My other covers all feel rather waxy on the outside. This diaper is nice and soft inside and out. It has nice soft fabric around the legs and the back. Gentle elastic is sewn in around the legs and in the back.

I chose to get this cover with Aplix closure as I far prefer that. The laundry tabs hold very well in the wash and the Aplix is holding up very well thus far with no fraying, pulling or curling. It does seem to take an extra hour to dry because of the soft cloth outside, but if you don’t wash your covers intending to use them in just an hour this won’t make any difference. It will still be dry and ready to use by the same afternoon.

This diaper has a nice high rise. It fits very well over my fitted diapers that have a high rise. I end up pulling my other covers and repositioning a ton of times in an attempt to get them to fit over the fitted diapers I have, but not this cover! I have no problems getting it to cover around the legs and up the back.

I ordered the diaper in a size Large so my daughter would be able to grow into it and use it for a longer time (her weight overlaps between the Medium and Large sizes right now). You should know that Baby “S” is also still chunky around the legs and trimming around the waist. This cover fits perfectly! She will be able to wear this one for a long time and yet it is not too big right now. The tabs are made to cross over to fit the smallest weight that it is made for and that is just perfect. I also have had no problems getting a great fit around the legs and waist as is a problem for many diapers and covers I try.

How to order this diaper:

Zookies has a website. Don’t forget to check out her Bargain Bin!

How to Win this diaper:

Zookies is giving away one diaper cover in the winner’s choice or size, print, and closure.

Mandatory Entry:

*don't forget your email address in each comment so I can contact you if you win! If you do not include an email address I will have to choose another winner!

Visit Zookies Website and comment below telling me one item that you would love to try.

Extra Entries:

1. Publicly follow this blog (1 extra entry)

2. Follow Zookies on Facebook (1 extra entry). Don’t forget to thank her for the giveaway!

3. Enter another giveaway I am hosting this week (2 extra entries for each giveaway you enter)

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I will verify all entries prior to posting a winner. Winner will be chosen on March 16th at 9:00pm EST via

Week 1 Under Cover: Introduction To Fitteds

What is a fitted diaper you ask? Think: All-In-One but it needs a cover and that will give you the basic idea. A fitted diaper is usually cotton on the outside and on the inside and the middle has something absorbent sewn into the middle such as zorb. A cover is needed because the cotton is not waterproof in any way. I have seen these diapers made in a sized version (large, medium, small, etc) and in a One Size version (snaps on the front to adjust the rise). I have also seen these made with snap closure, Velcro closure, and no closure sewn on, in which case you could use a Snappi or a diaper pin.

Why get a fitted instead of an AIO? In my opinion, a fitted diaper is the best diaper for night-time use. About 2 months ago, I discovered the joy of these diapers. An AIO diaper is only absorbent on that small strip under the baby where the insert is sewn in. A fitted diaper is completely absorbent. True, when you take it off the entire thing will be soaked (if you use it overnight), but at least you don’t have any leaks! I love these diapers at night-time. I do add a fleece liner to the inside of mine to wick moisture away from Baby “S”, but I love having a diaper that is completely absorbent and a great cover to keep it from leaking.

Under Cover Month Begins!!

Welcome to Under Cover Month! This month we will be discussing prefolds, fitteds and covers: the hidden gems of cloth diapering! These diapers seem to take a backseat to All-In-Ones and Pockets and thus are not as well-known.

The goal this week is to help you all to understand the value of these diapers and to convince you to give them a try. They are a fabulous addition to your stash and while you may not desire to have only prefolds and fitteds, you just may learn that they are wonderful for certain times in your cloth diapering journey. You just might be surprised at how much you like them!

This week I will also be hosting three giveaways:

1. A cover by Zookies

2. A wool cover by GrandmaGift11

3. An All-In-2 by Itty Bitty Bums

Welcome and Enjoy!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tips For New Moms (BF'ing Blog Hop)

Its week 9 of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop! This week's topic is Tips For New Moms. I chose to write all my tips for breastfeeding moms.

1. Set small goals rather than long-term ones. For example, plan to breastfeed until baby is 5 weeks, then 3 months, 6 months, etc. You can always hope to breastfeed until a certain point, but planning on smaller goals will help you to overcome the obstacles and it will help keep you from becoming too frustrated and giving up.

2. Seek out help whenever you want it! Whether it be a friend, family member or lactation consultant, no question is too minor. If you have a question, ask! Get help!

3. Don't always listen only to your doctor or pediatrician. Many doctors will tell you that a low supply means you have to quit. Talk to a lactation consultant to get lots and lots of ways to help increase your supply or otherwise remedy whatever the situation may be. You have options other than quitting!

4. It will hurt in the beginning. Just stick it gets better I promise!

5. You will most likely face some obstacles to overcome. If you seek out help, keep and open mind and try your hardest, you can overcome the obstacles.

6. Don't feel ashamed! If you choose to give formula part time, don't feel ashamed! Full-time breastfeeding is the best. Part-time breastfeeding is better than not at all though!!

Happy Nursing!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cloth Diapering Blog Hop

March Blog Hop is Here! Follow the linky below to find other cloth diapering blogs! If you're new here from the Blog Hop please leave a comment so I may say "Hello & Welcome"!

cloth diapering blog hop

Snaps V. Aplix

This is one of the hottest debates in the cloth diapering world. Many people are either on one side or the other; either you like it or you don't. I have yet to meet anyone that is indifferent about the type of closure on their diaper. Here, I am going to discuss my preferences and what I have found to be pros and cons for each type of closure.

Note: Aplix may also be called Velcro or Hook & Loop.

I far prefer Aplix closure. I have tried both snaps and Aplix, but with my little one Aplix is the much better choice. Here's why:

* It is easy to get a good fit around the waist and around the legs. Baby "S" is trimming out a bit around the waist but still has very chunky thighs. she needs her diaper tighter around the waist yet wider around the thighs. With Aplix, we are able to position the closure so the diaper fits exactly the way we want.
* If one falls off (although this hasn't happened yet and we're 8 months into cloth diapering) you can simply sew it back on, or easily buy another to sew back on.
*Quick closure for squirmy babies or those that cry through an entire change.

*At 9.5 months Baby "S" learned how to unhook the Aplix (one week later she learned how to pull the snaps off though).
*Curl in the laundry after time.
* Will likely create a "diaper chain" in the laundry because the laundry tabs only work for so long
*May become frayed over time depending on what brand the diaper company uses (for example, my Bum Genius Aplix hasn't lasted and is in terrible shape while my KaWaii Baby Aplix still looks brand new. We use the KaWaii Baby diapers more frequently).

* Snaps hold better for a baby that is trying to take their diaper off.
* Won't create a diaper chain in the laundry, making laundering a tad easier
* Won't stick to clothing (Aplix tabs may curl a bit and stick to the inside of clothing. Although this doesn't cause any damage to clothing or diaper, it can still be annoying)
* Two rows of snaps can help to create a more appropriate fit around waist and legs as snaps can be at different stations on each row (personally, this didn't help the fit for Baby "S" very much).

* When snaps fall off (as has happened to me a few times now), they are much harder to replace. I do not happen to have a snap press just lying around, and if you have lost the snap you will want to find one that at least comes close to matching the ones already on there.
* Very difficult to fasten with a wiggly baby on your hands or one that cries through the entire diaper change as it takes longer to fasten snaps
* More difficult to get an appropriate fit for baby.

My best advise is to give each style of closure a try. While I am extremely pro-Aplix and anti-snaps, you may find yourself the complete opposite. It is all about what works best for you and your baby. However, don't tie yourself down to just one style until you have tried and explored both snaps and Aplix closures. You may be surprised at what you prefer!