Thursday, December 30, 2010

Teaching New Sleep Habits

Baby "S" at only 3 weeks old. She is now almost 8 months old.

For the last 5 months, I have been allowing Baby "S" to nurse to sleep. Daddy "S" watches Baby "S" in the mornings while I work and she sleeps easily for him just by putting her head on his shoulder. Daddy "S" told me he would like me to wean her off of nursing to sleep, so I suppose I will try. In the long run it will probably help on several levels.

I am a firm follower of Dr. Sears. I believe in parenting to sleep rather than letting baby "cry it out". It is my personal opinion that making baby cry does not teach them to self sooth. I feel it teaches them that they either have to get very upset and cry very hard for someone to come, or they learn that nobody is going to be there for them when they are not feeling secure. I prefer to teach Baby "S" that her mommy will be there for her whenever she feels scared or unsure. That being said, I do like the Dr. Sears theory about Parenting to sleep. I feel it is my job as Mommy to teach Baby "S" that sleep is enjoyable and safe and also to provide her with comfortable ways of falling asleep. Nursing has always been the easiest way to get her to sleep. Sometimes I swear she falls asleep as soon as she sees what she wants!

Morning nap today was my first time in 5 months trying to get her to sleep without nursing. The first 10 minutes were sheer torture with her crying and trying to rip my shirt down. I almost gave in when I decided to give it one last ditch effort. I put her in the same position we use when nursing and I began rocking the chair. Instead of giving her me, I popped the paci in her mouth (she usually hates the pacifier unless she is just playing with it and chewing on it). After an initial whine of protest, Baby "S" quietly drifted off to sleep in about 6 minutes. The entire process took a little less than 20 minutes and the end result was a safe, quiet, relaxing sleep for Baby "S" and minimal stress for Mommy. We'll see if it continues to be so east in the future and at the afternoon nap!

Note: if you are a believer of "Cry It Out"/Ferber method, please know that I do not judge you or think you are wrong. I feel that all families need to find what works best for them. Dr. Ferber's method does not work for my family therefore I will not try it, but again, if it works for your family, by all means use the method!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nursing Pads Giveaway!

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Cloth Diaper Addiction
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Using Cloth Wipes

About 2 weeks ago I began using cloth wipes. I began with some research so that I would have an idea of what to do and what to expect. I decided that while "cloth wipes" sound fabulous (and probably are much better), I got adult wash cloths. I now have over 40 wipes due to a fantastic deal right before Christmas. They are adult sized so I fold them into quarters (in half then in half again) and I store them in an old disposable wipes container. The extras are on a self in Baby "S"'s closet. I have a spray bottle filled with water sitting next to the wipes container. When I need a wipe, I simply spray down the area I need, wipe, and toss in the dirty diaper bin.

I have found that if the diaper is only wet, I can keep the wipe folded in half and spray only the top quarter. I wipe Baby "S" with the wet part then switch to the dry half and dry her off. If the diaper is poopy, I still keep the wipe folded in half but I spray the entire half to wipe the poop down. Then, I fold the wipe so the poop is folded in on itself and I use the dry half (with no poop on it obviously) to dry her off.

I have not yet had to use more than one wipe for a poopy diaper, and I have changed some doozies! I'm talking the whole diaper filled with poop and I still only need one wipe! Pretty impressive next to the 8 disposable wipes I've occasionally had to use on those diaper-filled poops!

As far as washing goes, I simply toss the used ones in with my cloth diapers and wash them together. It does not take any extra detergent or water so washing them is no extra cost at all.

In addition to the ease of use and being better for baby, think about what you're saving using cloth! Water in a spray bottle costs very little (I spent $1 on the spray bottle at the Dollar Tree plus whatever it costs to fill the bottle from the tap). I spent $4 on 20 wipes so a total of $8 for wipes which are really adult-sized wash cloths. In total, I spent $9 to cloth wipe Baby "S". The disposable Huggies Sensitive Thick n' Clean 184 ct cost me almost $6 at Walmart and hardly lasts one month. The cloth wipes pay for themselves in less than two months! Think about what will be saved over the lifetime of diapering!

Please note, I have not yet tried to travel with cloth wipes and I am also still experimenting on different solutions besides water. Baby "S" is very sensitive so I am wary of adding too much into the water. There are many detergents and disposable brands (such as Pampers) that we are not able to use with Baby "S" due to diaper rashes/burns so I'm tempted to stick with water at least for now. I'll update as I learn more and get further into the experience but for now, its a great experience and one I highly recommend!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all my followers! May you have a blessed holiday season!

Mommy "S"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Product Review: Bum Genius 3.0 OS Pocket

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions.

Rating: B (and falling over time)

Review: Before Baby "S" was born, I did a lot of research into cloth diapering and I narrowed down the diapers that I thought we would like. Among the top diapers was the Bum Genius 3.0 One Size Pocket. I thought it sounded wonderful that it would grow with my baby from the time she was a newborn until she was in training pants! First of all, that is false. Despite what the packaging may say, this diaper does not fit a newborn well until they are about 10-12lbs (much closer to 12lbs). There are many things about this diaper that I like a lot. However, I have been using these diapers for 5 months now and as time has gone on, I have found many things I strongly dislike about this diaper that I have not found with other brands of pocket diapers that I own. Here is my list of pros and cons:

*Grows with baby
*Easy to wash
*Short drying time
*Snap down insert so you don't have to fold multiple times as you insert it into the pocket
*Easy to stuff
*Elastic in the right places

*Inside (part that touches baby's bottom) begins to pill over time and becomes scratchy possibly causing a rash on the legs when baby becomes more active
*Hook and loop velcro on the front (not the tabs) becomes frayed, making it very difficult to get the tabs off during diaper changes
*Due to the increased difficulty with removing the hook and loop taps from the velcro front, the velcro front actually begins to tear off. I still have not found a way to fix this unless I take the diaper apart, sew new velcro strip on and then sew the diaper back together.

For the price that I paid for each of these diapers, I am very disappointed with them. I do not recommend buying these unless you know for a fact that the 4.0 version is better (the newest version that has been available for a few months now I believe). The choice is yours, but I do not believe these diapers are worth the almost $18 that they cost when I was buying them.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nursing Pads Giveaway!

Cloth Diaper Addiction is giving away 2 pairs of Envy Hyena nursing pads to one lucky reader! They are so cute and, according to Cloth Diaper Addiction, sooo soft! I would love the chance to try these out! Hurry on over to their blog to enter! Giveaway ends December 29th at 7pm EST. Good Luck to all!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

How To Wash Your Cloth

How often you need to wash your cloth diapers will depend on how many you have in your stash and what system you use. If you only have enough diapers to make it through 1.5 days you will need to wash every day. If you have built up your stash you will be able to go a matter of days between washes. I mainly use pocket diapers, so I end up doing a load of diapers every 2nd or every 3rd day, depending on how many Baby “S” uses. Most of the time I wash every other day but only to keep the load at a reasonable level. Allow me to walk you through the steps of washing your diapers:

1. Toss diapers with only pee right into the machine. If there is poop in the diaper, rinse the poop out as best you can before tossing into the machine. You may rinse either in your utility tub or get a diaper sprayer. These are rather expensive gadgets that attach to your toilet and rinse right into them. (Separate post about sprayers coming soon).

2. Run a rinse cycle on cold. You must set your machine to a large load but do not fill the machine more than half full with diapers. This is because you need lots of water to get the diapers thoroughly clean.

3. When the rinse cycle is complete, open the machine and add in a very minimal amount of diaper safe soap. You may need to play with this a bit to learn how much you really need. In general, you need half the soap that the manufacturer says you need for a small size load. Run a wash on the Hot/cold setting. The hot will get your diapers nice and clean and a cold rinse is all that is truly necessary.

4. You MAY need to run an additional cold rinse cycle to get all the soap out of the diapers. It is very important to get the soap out so you do not get a buildup on your diapers and need to strip often. This cycle is only necessary depending on your detergent.

5. (may be completed prior to step 4, and after step 4 if step 4 is necessary). Take out a diaper and smell the inside (where the baby’s bottom touches). I usually repeat this with 3-4 diapers and 3-4 inserts just to make sure. If the diaper smells like water it is clean. If it still smells funky, you need to rinse again.

6. If the diaper smells like soap, continue rinsing until the soap smell is gone. If you add another rinse and the diaper still smells funky, I recommend starting over again on step 3. Next time try adding a bit more detergent the first time you get to step 3 and hopefully you won’t need to get to this point again.

7. Hang all covers and AIOs to dry (if it has Velcro or snaps, it counts as a cover). Inserts and prefolds may be put in the dryer on a medium heat cycle. Do not put your covers in the dryer because it will cause wear and tear. The Velcro will pill, the snaps will become more difficult to use, and they may melt in some places (personal experience talking here)

For a list of diaper safe detergents, please click here. I highly recommend Rockin’ Green Detergent. It may be used for all your laundry, but is especially designed for your diapers.

DO NOT use stain removers on your diapers! This will cause a buildup on your diapers and you will need to strip frequently (check my blog for diaper stripping information). Instead, hang diapers outside on any sunny days (even cold and sunny days). The sun is a natural disinfectant and also naturally removes stains from diapers.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Milking the Cow

I hear many moms complain about pumping, and I assume the real reason we don't like it is because there is no bond involved. When you nurse your baby, you get to hold your child, cuddle them, and share that special moment. The hard piece of plastic used to pump does not offer the same satisfaction. Thinking of your child during that time, or occupying yourself with something is a good way to make the time pass more quickly.

Honestly, the title closely describes what I feel like whenever I have to pump. I work part time and as such I miss one feeding that I need to pump for. I feel like a cow being hooked up to pump. I'm not at all a fan to be entirely honest. Some days I wonder what it would hurt to simply not pump that day. The reality is that it wouldn't hurt at all. One skipped feeding does not adversely affect my supply, especially when I have such a nice supply in the freezer that I keep adding to. I know though that if I went down that road I would allow it to become a habit instead of an occasional skipping.

On the other hand, I must say that because I need to work, I am glad that I have the option to pump and that it is as easy as it is these days. I have a Lansinoh Double EIlectric BPA Pump. While it may not be the absolute best, it certainly is great! I usually pump 15-20 min in that session. I love that my Dr. Brown's bottles can attach right to the flanges and once I'm done pumping I can simply cap the bottles. Now, I admit, I don't wash the heads right away. I put them in a plastic ziploc bag to wash at home because I have nowhere else to wash them. In addition, I work in a room with 3 other women and that is also where I pump. I have an old man's dress shirt that I turn around (so the buttons are toward my back) and I put my arms through it. That way I'm totally covered in the front and I can pump around the others.

We often joke in the room that I am hooking myself up to the milking machine because I am tethered to the seat and only able to move as far as the cord will allow. However, it is nice that I am able to provide breastmilk for my baby so easily while not being present.

As far as pumping goes, there are pros and cons, yet somehow the pros far outweigh the cons. I can put up with feeling like a cow being milked for 30min each day in order to provide for my baby!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cloth Rocks!....but why?

I've been asked several times now why we started using cloth and why we love it so much. Here's our story!

It all started when Baby "S" was still growing inside me. My mom asked me if I was thinking of cloth diapering or if I didn't want to mess with that and I would just do disposables like most other people. That's when I started researching cloth diapering...surely it had to have improved a bit since my mother cloth diapered me! What I learned over that few days of research is that yes, it really had improved...more than I could have imagined! So, Daddy "S" and I talked about it and we decided to register for a few cloth diapers and we planned to cloth diaper part time.

When Baby "S" was born, she was teeny tiny and our One Size diapers simply didn't come close to fitting her, so we used disposables without another thought. When Baby "S" was about 2.5-3 weeks old, she got a terrible chemical burn on her bottom. So bad that she screamed every. single. time she soiled her diaper at all. It was terrible. We started using only cloth wipes on her (although we have since gone to disposable wipes and are considering switching back...) and she had "no diaper time" as frequently as possible. We also put her cloth diapers on her even though they were still pretty big on her. We have since never looked back.

We continue to cloth diaper because first and foremost it is the best for the baby. Baby "S"'s chemical burn taught us that! We also still use cloth because it is so easy. It is not that big of a deal to do a few extra loads of laundry each week. Its not so hard to rinse the poop out (or get bio-degradable inserts to put in each diaper and just pull out and toss in the toilet poop and all). Its not that big of a deal to stuff diapers either. Honestly, we like cloth diapering. Plus, the diapers are sooo cute! Even Daddy "S" will stuff diapers and willingly uses them.

Cloth diapers are very easy to care for, to use, and they are adorable! There are so many different options these days that you can choose the one that works best for your baby and your lifestyle. I will post many more cloth diaper instructions as the days go on to help you to understand why I love cloth so much. We're even considering getting a newborn stash (someday) so that our next one never needs a disposable! I truly believe that CLOTH ROCKS!!

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Tis' the season for GIVING!! And now its even easier than ever! In fact, it doesn't cost a thing to you. Simply click the pink button above and when you get there click the pink button just like the one you see above and you will have donated to the Breast Health Awareness foundation. There are also links to donate to Animal Rescue, Rainforest, Literacy, and Child Health and Hunger. You can even put this website as you homepage and click before you become busy with anything else during your internet time! So go click!! Thank you for giving this season!!

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Taking Suggestions!

I am now taking suggestions for things you would like to read about on my blog! As my blog continues, I am looking forward to writing not only about what interests me, but also what interests you, my reader. Please let me know where your interests lie and what would make your experience here more enjoyable.

I will continue to post as usual, but if there is a topic that is particularly pressing for you, please ask. Topics may include pumping at work, washing cloth diapers, choosing your cloth diapers, cloth wipes, general family or baby topics, or product reviews.

Please comment with your questions or ideas!

My Goals for the Blog

I have decided to write out my goals for this blog and to check them off (and add to them) as I go. Here are my goals as I see them right now:

1. Achieve 50 followers
2. Achieve 100 followers
3. Learn how to get companies to sponsor giveaways
4. Host my first giveaway
5. Continue to host many fun giveaways
6. Host my first giveaway event
7. Host a guest blogger about a topic that is of interest to my readers
8. Take suggestions from my readers and write about the topic, no matter how challenging, on designated days each month

Eight goals is probably enough for now. They are not listed in any specific order. If you are able to help with any of my goals, please comment on this post!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cloth Diaper Foundation

There is an awesome foundation out there called The Cloth Diaper Foundation. This foundation takes applications from families in need and upon approval will send them cloth diapers to get started with. It does not seem to matter what age the children are in order to be eligible. The missions statement clearly states that this is intended only to help a family get started with building their own stash and to assist families with their diapering needs as they learn their way around cloth.

A family is able to have their cloth donated to them at only the cost of $15 for shipping charges. Once finished with the provided stash, they return it to The Cloth Diaper Foundation so it may be passed along to another family. It doesn't stop there. The Foundation has provided links, tutorials, and a telephone number and email address for assistance with building your stash on a budget. They provide tips for sewing your own, buying used and buying new. If you need additional help, you are able to email them for further assistance.

Check out their video here!

How can you help? The website states that they never have enough cloth diapers to meet demands.
1) You can donate your stash! You know that diaper you never use and you've been meaning to sell? Send it off as a donation!
2) No more babies planned for the future and the last one potty trained? Send off your entire stash (or that which meets the guidelines on the website) to the Foundation!
3) Still using your stash but have a little extra dough lying around? Donate a few dollars to the Foundation. $5 will provide diapers for a family!
4) Want to try your hand at sewing (or know you can sew but have no reason to)? Sew a few diapers up and send them off to the Foundation!
5) Check out the volunteer webpage for more ideas
6) Participate in their giveaways, sweeps, and auctions to help them raise money
7) Spread the word about the Foundation!

Happy Howlidays Giveaway!

Rachel's Reviews and Giveaways is giving away Kong dog toys as a Happy Howlidays Event! Her post states that there will be a variety of toys in each size offered by Kong. Therefore, you can keep what you will use with your dog(s) and give away or donate the rest to a shelter! Hurry on over to enter. Giveaway ends 12/23/10

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breastfeeding: My Experiences

I have been asked often about my experiences with breastfeeding, so here it is: my experiences. I am not going to sugar coat anything or be all "rainbows and sunshine". This is the blunt truth about breastfeeding as I know it.

It was very important to Daddy "S" and me that Baby "S" be breastfed. After all, "breast is best!" as we had been told several times over. Neither of us had been nursed for very long as kids so I had no real support system at first. I have two cousins and a close friend who were willing to help me out and that was very nice. Prior to the birth of Baby "S", I met with a lactation consultant to get an idea of what was going to happen and how to do it. This was a great help and in addition to the wealth of information I learned, I was also given some free items to help with my journey, such as some nursing shells and some cream.

I wanted to nurse Baby "S" as soon after birth as possible in order to create that imprint in her tiny little mind. After she was born, Daddy "S" brought her over to me and I tried to nurse her. I learned quickly that you don't get a flip of a switch to suddenly know how to nurse, and your baby is not born knowing how. My midwife assisted me in latching her on and after a few moments she was nursing correctly. Fortunately, we never had a problem with latch, Baby "S" was good at that from the get go. However, Baby "S" did prefer my left side to the right. Upon offering the left, she would latch right on and eat her fill. Upon offering the right, however, she would begin to scream and wouldn't go anywhere near it. I had to call the LC (lactation consultant) and the nurse into the room for nearly every feeding to assist with latching her on. At this time I felt like a failure. My baby was only hours old, and I wasn't able to feed her without help. The LC finally gave me a little glucose water to dab on prior to offering to Baby "S". This enticed her to begin eating and after the first day or so I was able to use this method to latch her on. When you are in the hospital, please don't be afraid to call the nurse in at 3am! I learned they are nowhere near as tired as you are, they see you as a new mom not a failure, and they are beyond willing to help you out!

When I went home from the hospital, I was terrified! What if I couldn't get her to latch on and eat?! That's when I saw the note I had left myself on the calendar: my lactation consultant's name and phone number. Instantly I relaxed and remembered that even though I was home, I still had support. Now, nobody tells you this reality: you become incredibly sore those first few weeks. When you stop to think about it, it does make sense....your baby is nursing every 1.5-2hrs and your parts aren't used to that sort of "abuse"! I learned that Lanolin cream is your best friend! Some will tell you to put it on before each feeding, but Baby "S" was very impatient so I put it on after each feeding. Regardless, put it on often. It sooths, protects, and heals (I prefer Lansinoh brand...its all natural).

When Baby "S" was about 3 weeks old, nursing her began to feel excruciating. I would throb after each feeding to where I couldn't even sleep I was hurting so bad. Then I couldn't touch myself. I used the shells to keep anything from touching me between feedings. I dreaded each feeding and began crying through them because the pain was so terrible. Baby "S" started nursing badly, latching and letting go frequently, crying when it was time to eat, and nursing only until feeling full, so nursing more often. I began pumping exclusively because I couldn't bear to latch her on. After 4 weeks, two trips to the ob/gyn, and turning fire-engine red (add in a feeling of rubbing crushed glass inside me whenever she nursed), and I was diagnosed with thrush and given a prescription for an extra-strength yeast infection cream that I was to apply several times each day and wipe off prior to pumping or nursing. In less than one week, I was back to nursing full time again.

Fortunately, that was the end of our rocky road. After that amount of time, when Baby "S" was about two months old, I began to really enjoy it. There is something about the bond between mommy and doesn't happen instantly the first time baby nurses, but rather is built as you continue to nurse. Not to mention the calming and soothing effect it has on baby. Of course, there are also the benefits to mommy and baby such as quick weight loss for mommy, uterus retraction is quicker, and that annoying friend may not appear for mommy until baby has weaned. Also, baby is healthier because s/he has mommy's immune system, baby maintains a better weight, baby is less likely to over eat, baby has less ear infections, and if baby gets sick, s/he will get better quicker.

Now, Baby "S" has her two bottom teeth (cut them at the same time). At first, Baby "S" bit me constantly. I would break the latch, cover up and tell her "no biting mommy". After about a week there was no more biting. I cannot speak to more teeth or how it will feel then, but for the moment, I don't usually feel her teeth because her tongue covers them when she is nursing.

Despite our rocky beginning, I love breastfeeding. I am beyond glad that I stuck with it through the rough parts because the bond that is forged when nursing is one that cannot be replicated at any other point with baby. Not to mention, there is something about nursing that makes you feel like "Supermom" all by itself. I am sadly looking at the calendar and realizing that in a little over 4 months, it will be time to begin weaning. I have loved this experience and I plan to continue breastfeeding my next baby, whenever that may be. I do so hope that you make the choice to breastfeed, and don't forget to stick it out! The rough patches only last a short time and if you can stick it out to find the solution and correct the problem, you will find the extreme joy in nursing your baby just as I have!

I Won A Diaper!

I am a huge fan of Cloth Diaper Addition and their 12 Days of Clothmas (see links on right of this post to connect to their blog). I have been entering throughout the entire event, and I won! I am Day #9 winner. I have won a snappi and a Little Muffin Bottoms Organic Cotton Cloth Diaper in red! I am beyond excited! I've never won anything before! I can't wait to get these in the mail, try them and review them for you!

If you haven't entered yet, head over to CDA to enter the rest of the giveaways! They have three left to enter. Day #10 closes tonight so hurry!

Day #10--GroVia Diaper and Rockin' Baby Sling
Day #11--Grab bag of Baby Legs and a Budget Bottoms Diaper
Day #12--Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag, Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy, Lena Loves Dryer Balls, and a Northern Mom diaper!

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Rockin' Green Giveaway!

I'm a huge Rockin' Green fan and I just found a giveaway! Ramblings is hosting a giveaway that ends 12/13 at midnight....head on over to enter. While you're there have a look around her blog for some good reads and great info!

12 Days of Clothmas!

There are only 3 more drawings left for the 12 Days of Clothmas! Head on over to enter! Hurry before its over!! (you can click their button on the right of this screen to get to their blog quickly and easily).

Still available for entry:

Day 10--Grovia AIO Cloth Diaper and a Rockin' Baby Sling. Closes 12/12 at 9pm EST
Day 11--Baby Legs Grab Bag and a Budget Bottoms Diaper from Crunchy Angel. Closes 12/13 at 9pm EST
Day 12--TBA

Friday, December 10, 2010

Diaper Stripping!

I stripped my diapers tonight! What's that, you ask? Basically, stripping your cloth diapers will "reboot" them. It strips all of the chemical buildup off of them and you get to start over again. Stripping isn't very hard, but it is time consuming. Fortunately, you don't have to do it very often.

How you know you need to strip:
*diapers are less waterproof/you notice more leaks suddenly
*diapers smell a little funky even after a good wash and rinse
*baby gets a diaper rash and you can't pin it on anything else
*thy just don't feel all that soft anymore

Personally, I noticed Baby "S" getting a diaper rash but nothing had changed for her, my diapers smelled pretty good, but not great after a wash, and suddenly we were having crazy leaks through nearly all our diapers. I stripped them and not only did my inserts come out soft and fluffy for the first time in months, but we are waterproof again!! Woo!

How to strip:
*start with clean diapers (or put them in and wash as usual but don't dry them...just leave them in the washer)
*run a Hot/Cold or a Warm/Warm load without soap. The idea is to get the water as hot as possible. Some people even add in steaming water. Mine gets hot enough so I didn't add anything in.
*run a second Warm/Warm cycle
*During the rinse cycle, check to see if you have any soapy bubbles (not aggitation bubbles, soapy ones...soapy ones won't go away easily and quickly like aggitation ones will)
*Continue to wash without soap until there are no more soapy bubbles during the rinse cycle.
*Dry as usual (hang dry covers and pockets is best, inserts may be put in the drier)

Stripping is something you will have to do at some point if you cloth diaper. However, there are things you can to do avoid stripping as long as possible. This is, of course, better for the life of the diaper as well as better for baby's bottom.
*Use an all natural detergent such as Rockin Green (review of this detergent coming soon)
*Don't use any stain lifters/removers
*Avoid diaper rash cremes if possible
*Wash diapers in a lot of water with not a lot of diapers in each load

My diapers and inserts are so much nicer now that I have stripped them! I also made it 6 months without stripping and hopefully I will make it longer next time!

Helpful links:

Stripping cloth diapers
How to strip cloth diapers

ready for a wash with Rockin Green!

Look! agitation bubbles but not soapy bubbles!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Hop!

Fitteds and Pockets and Snappis, oh my! is hosting a blog hop for cloth diaper sites! Its my first time participating in a blog hop (obviously since I'm so new to blogging in general). So far I really like it! I have found many new and wonderful sites to read as well as a weath of information on one of my favorite topics: cloth diapering! I highly recommend heading over whether you have a blog that discusses cloth diapering or you are simply looking for some great reading matierial!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product Review: Fisher Price Rainforst Bouncy Seat

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions.

Rating: A

Review: By far the best bouncy seat that we have tried (so far we've tried four, all by Fisher Price). This seat has a removable toy bar if you would like your baby to experience simply vibrations for soothing effects. When you would like baby entertained, snap the toy bar onto the seat and turn it on. The toy bar has two settings: repetitive music, and interactive play. When Baby "S" was about 3 months old, we used the repetitive music and lights setting so she was entertained long enough for us to take a shower or eat. She loved watching the show and would sit quietly long enough for us to get a few things done without carting her around (such as a shower when it is simply not a great idea to cart the baby with you ;-D) Once she got to be about 5 months old, she started to seriously enjoy the interactive play setting. At 7 months old, she still likes to play with it (although sometimes she'll sit in front of it instead of in the seat and play with the toys since you can see the show from either side). Our favorite feature is the fact that it will play without input from the baby so it can be used as entertainment for baby before baby is able to interact with the toy. This can make shower time much easier with a newborn or young infant! I strongly recommend this product to any parent of a young child. We have not found any downside to this product in the past 7 months of use.

Product Review: JJCole Diaper Bag

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions.

Rating: A+
I would buy this product again in a heartbeat!

Review: The only negative point about this diaper bag is the price tag. As far as diaper bags go, it is a little "up there" in cost being about $50. However, I splurged on this bag and I'm so glad I did! It is well worth the extra money spent. There are enough pockets for everything so that you feel incredibly organized at all times.
Awesome features include:
*a key snap on the inside so you can't lose your keys
*a diaper changing pad that fits right into the back pocket
*adjustable strap with a nice comfy (and adjustable) pad on it
*tons of pockets inside and outside for organization
*wipe-off outside
The best part is the fact that it comes with universal stroller attachments so it just hangs off your stroller and you don't have to carry it with you! I always have ample amount of room for everything I want to take with me. I highly recommend this diaper bag!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Product Review: Ka Waii Baby One Size Pocket Diapers

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions.

Rating: A+
I would buy this product again in a heartbeat!

Review: I love the Ka Waii Baby diapers! They are soft, waterproof, very roomy, fold nice and thin, and are very trim as far as cloth diapers go. I have the heavy wetter and the regular versions of this diaper and both are absolutely wonderful. This is the only diaper brand that I have never had a leaking problem with. This diaper is by far my favorite cloth diaper!

My only real gripe is that with the heavy wetter diapers, the micro-fleece inside can get a bit warmer on Baby "S" on a hot summer day compared to a micro-sued inside from the other diapers (Ka Waii Baby Diapers are made with either micro-suede or micro-fleece inside...your choice). If this bothers you, then just don't buy the heavy wetter diapers (or email her and ask if she will use a different material on the inside). I do like them for cool winter days however as they keep my daughter's tush nice and warm!

Also, I should note that after months of use I prefer the micro-fleece inside because it stays softer (the micro-suede inside my Bum Genius diapers seems to almost pill after months of use). Also, it is easier to get the poop off of micro-fleece and it doesn't stain as badly, I would buy diapers with the micro-fleece inside again in a heartbeat!

The best part: they are only $7!

Update: After 9 months of use this diaper looks pristine. Honestly, these are the first diapers that we reach for every time so they get the most use but they still look brand new. The aplix isn't becoming fuzzy or pulling off, the insides aren't pilling, and the outside is still nice and soft. By far the best diapers that I own!

Product Review: Bum Genius 3.0 AIO

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions.

Rating: B
I would not buy this product again

Review: This is a great diaper to use during the day and when baby won't be sleeping. However, if you have a heavy wetter, this is not the diaper for you. My daughter was able to wet through one of these diapers on three separate occasions in one day during awake-only time. This diaper also takes twice as long to dry as a pocket-style diaper would. In theory, an All-In-One diaper is muss no fuss right? Except when you have to change diapers twice as often as you would with a more absorbent diaper and you have to change clothes four times in one day due only to diaper leakage. If you have a child that is not a heavy wetter, these would be a viable option for you, but if you even *think* your child is a heavy wetter, this product is not worth the money. In addition, if you do not yet have a child and are building a stash for the little one on the way, I do not recommend buying more than two of these as they are quite expensive for a product that may or may not work. A positive note about these diapers: as far as cloth goes, they are quite trim!

Look in "the bag"

Here is a peek inside my diaper bag! This is how I pack for a few hours out of the house while still cloth diapering.

First of all, my bag is a JJCole diaper bag. Amazing bag and absolutely worth the extra bit of even attaches to my stroller! (separate product review on the diaper bag coming soon).

Included in my bag I have: diapering products, small container of disposable wipes, bags for disposable wipes, toys, book,washcloth and burpcloth, change of clothes, nursing cover, and 4 diapers: 3 pockets and 1 AIO. I generally also have a sippy cup that fits into one of the side pockets. I have ample amount of room available for hats, gloves, and more diapers even after all that you see packed. Oh, and yes, I can still easily zipper the top!


Its official: Baby "S" has teeth! She cut her two bottom teeth at the same time about 2 weeks ago. That was fun...cutting two at once! We kept thinking: "she already cut it how come she's so crabby still?!" Because the second one was still cutting through! Ahh! She's even more adorable now though. When she smiles you can see them sticking up all tiny and white...cuteness!

Now, I don't care who says things aren't related to teething, when you're a mommy you know what's up! Baby "S"got less than stellar (and not so solid) poops, an extremely stuffy nose, and super clingy as she was cutting these teeth. Tylenol was my bestfried at this time....not sure we would have survived without it! Honestly, we didn't even try Orajel because it freaks me out....why would I put something on her gums that could numb her throat so she chokes on her saliva?! No thanks...I'll just stick with tylenol. We only gave her a max of 2 doses per 24 hours (on the worse day I believe she got 3 doses) which poses extremely little risk to her liver at this age.

Thank goodness she got her first two in! Hopefully the rest cut easier than these two! Of course, these last three days she has been very sleepy and crabby and has been shoving as much in her mouth to chew on as possible....we are either beginning the next growth spurt, or she's working up to cutting more teeth (Don't we get a break after she cuts the first two?!).

Oh's to long naps, cuddles, and lots of patients! (oh, and don't forget the teething rings and frozen wash cloths!)

12 Days of Clothmas on Cloth Diaper Addiction!

Cloth Diaper Addiction (the blog) is having a giveaway! 12 Days of Clothmas is giving away at least one great prize every day from December 1-12. You can take a walk over to her blog and have a look at some of the sponsors she rounded up. I'm oober excited for Planet Wise, GoGreen, Zookies, and BabyLegs! It is going to be an exciting 12 days....we are already on day 4 so hurry over and get entered!

To my friends who are still unsure about giving cloth a try: what a better way to try it than to win it?! If you don't like your cloth (although I guarantee you will) you can always sell it or send it this way....we all know how addicted to cloth I am!

Travelling with Cloth

I travel with cloth diapers all the time! For a few hours out of the home, I put the extra diapers into the diaper bag, just like I would with disposables. If I am going away for a full day or more, I take an extra canvas bag with all the diapers in it.

When a diaper is dirty, change it like you usually would. This is where people get stuck...if you have disposables, you throw away the dirty diaper....but what to do with a dirty cloth diaper? I use Kushies brand Wet Bags in a size large. I have only two and it has always been enough. I can get about 7 dirty pocket diapers into each bag. These are wonderful, drawstring, waterproof bags that keep the dirty in. I just keep the wetbag in my diaper bag with the dirty diaper in it. When I wash my diapers, I just toss the wetbag in with the dirty diapers. The bonus: they come in lots of fun patterns!

I have found travel with cloth to be very easy! Plus, when taking a longer car trip, the cloth is more absorbant than a disposable so baby is happier longer :)

Pros and Cons of Cloth


*No diaper rash!
*Cloth kids usually potty train faster
*Cheaper in the long run
*Easy to use
*Cute colors and patterns
*Can be used for subsequent children


*More expensive upfront cost
*Need a washing machine when traveling
*Might need to stuff inserts into diapers
*Pay for water usage when washing diapers (you'll barely see any difference on your bill though)
*Some daycares won't take them, or will only take All-In-Ones (AIOs).

Friday, December 3, 2010

Product Review: Flip Diapers

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions.

Rating: C
I would not buy this product again

Review: While these diapers are relatively easy to use, it can be annoying to fold and insert the absorbent pad into the waterproof cover every time you change the diaper. When you're looking for a quick change, this is probably not the answer because it takes more than one second to pull out the dirty insert and fold then insert the new one. Also, when putting the diaper on, the insert does not easily stay under the back flap so a wiggly baby makes it all that much harder to get the diaper on. The pad in this diaper is not very absorbent either. It is a good diaper to use when your baby is awake and playing because they will let you know when the diaper is dirty right away. When your baby is sleeping, they will either wake crying from a dirty diaper (and not be ready to get up yet), or they will wake after a nice long nap with a little puddle under them because no matter how well you put the diaper on, it is not meant for heavy wetting as you usually get when baby is sleeping. Also, when baby has a blowout, the insert won't hold it all so the inside of the waterproof cover will get dirty as well, thus needing to be washed and you'll need to pull a fresh one out. This can be annoying when it is the first time you have used the cover this day (or when it is your last clean cover left).

These diapers are good for travel when baby will be awake. For example, a picnic in the park. The inserts are small enough to fit at least 5 in the diaper bag easily with at least 2 extra waterproof covers just in case. I imagine, although I don't have experience here yet, that this would be a good diaper to use when trying to start potty training. The baby can feel when s/he is wet right away. Another pro to the Flip diapers is that they are on a snap system and grow with your baby.


Welcome to Adventures of Mommy "S"! I am Mommy "S", a first time mommy to a beautiful 7 month old baby girl as well as a 1.5 year old husky/lab mix puppy and an 8 year old black cat. I am also wife to a wonderful, supportive man. I love my life, and I love being a mommy. My friends can't believe I am "domesticated" now, but I am and its wonderful!

This blog will include life as a mommy in general, product reviews, and tons of information about cloth diapering! I will frequently post links to helpful websites and pictures. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Welcome and I look forward to sharing wit you the joys of teething, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and all else that mommyhood entails!