Saturday, December 4, 2010

Travelling with Cloth

I travel with cloth diapers all the time! For a few hours out of the home, I put the extra diapers into the diaper bag, just like I would with disposables. If I am going away for a full day or more, I take an extra canvas bag with all the diapers in it.

When a diaper is dirty, change it like you usually would. This is where people get stuck...if you have disposables, you throw away the dirty diaper....but what to do with a dirty cloth diaper? I use Kushies brand Wet Bags in a size large. I have only two and it has always been enough. I can get about 7 dirty pocket diapers into each bag. These are wonderful, drawstring, waterproof bags that keep the dirty in. I just keep the wetbag in my diaper bag with the dirty diaper in it. When I wash my diapers, I just toss the wetbag in with the dirty diapers. The bonus: they come in lots of fun patterns!

I have found travel with cloth to be very easy! Plus, when taking a longer car trip, the cloth is more absorbant than a disposable so baby is happier longer :)

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