Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Using Cloth Wipes

About 2 weeks ago I began using cloth wipes. I began with some research so that I would have an idea of what to do and what to expect. I decided that while "cloth wipes" sound fabulous (and probably are much better), I got adult wash cloths. I now have over 40 wipes due to a fantastic deal right before Christmas. They are adult sized so I fold them into quarters (in half then in half again) and I store them in an old disposable wipes container. The extras are on a self in Baby "S"'s closet. I have a spray bottle filled with water sitting next to the wipes container. When I need a wipe, I simply spray down the area I need, wipe, and toss in the dirty diaper bin.

I have found that if the diaper is only wet, I can keep the wipe folded in half and spray only the top quarter. I wipe Baby "S" with the wet part then switch to the dry half and dry her off. If the diaper is poopy, I still keep the wipe folded in half but I spray the entire half to wipe the poop down. Then, I fold the wipe so the poop is folded in on itself and I use the dry half (with no poop on it obviously) to dry her off.

I have not yet had to use more than one wipe for a poopy diaper, and I have changed some doozies! I'm talking the whole diaper filled with poop and I still only need one wipe! Pretty impressive next to the 8 disposable wipes I've occasionally had to use on those diaper-filled poops!

As far as washing goes, I simply toss the used ones in with my cloth diapers and wash them together. It does not take any extra detergent or water so washing them is no extra cost at all.

In addition to the ease of use and being better for baby, think about what you're saving using cloth! Water in a spray bottle costs very little (I spent $1 on the spray bottle at the Dollar Tree plus whatever it costs to fill the bottle from the tap). I spent $4 on 20 wipes so a total of $8 for wipes which are really adult-sized wash cloths. In total, I spent $9 to cloth wipe Baby "S". The disposable Huggies Sensitive Thick n' Clean 184 ct cost me almost $6 at Walmart and hardly lasts one month. The cloth wipes pay for themselves in less than two months! Think about what will be saved over the lifetime of diapering!

Please note, I have not yet tried to travel with cloth wipes and I am also still experimenting on different solutions besides water. Baby "S" is very sensitive so I am wary of adding too much into the water. There are many detergents and disposable brands (such as Pampers) that we are not able to use with Baby "S" due to diaper rashes/burns so I'm tempted to stick with water at least for now. I'll update as I learn more and get further into the experience but for now, its a great experience and one I highly recommend!

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