Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cloth Diapers, Dirty Diapers and Diaper Sprayers....Oh My!

Happy New Year, Everyone! To kick off the new year I'm going to discuss using diaper sprayers on your dirty cloth diapers. I spent 5 months without a diaper sprayer where I simply tried to rinse the diapers prior to tossing them in the washing machine. Finally, I decided it was time to look into diaper sprayers. So I looked. And I found that you need to spend a minimum of $40 for a diaper sprayer!! What?! So I started to must be able to simply make one right? Its just a glorified kitchen sink sprayer. When looking into that, I found that it would cost me about $25 to make one and attach it to my toilet. That's when I realized: we have a removable shower sprayer in our master bathroom and the toilet is very near the shower....why not just try that?

I was smart enough to see if the cord would reach all the way to the toilet first. It was about 3 inches too short. However, I decided to try anyway. I thought that if I aimed just right that maybe it would work. The good part of my silly plan was that all the diaper nasty made it into the toilet. The bad part was that my floor was covered in water. I had to mop it all up with a few nice big towels. After much looking and too long a story, I finally found a new shower sprayer with a 6 foot cord instead of a 5 foot cord. It works like a charm!

I find diaper sprayers to be one of the best inventions ever created for cloth diapering! (Even if you improvise and don't buy an actual "Diaper Sprayer"). It is very easy to rinse the poop right into the toilet and then flush. No need for disposable liners, wiping with toilet paper, rinsing in a utility tub or swishing in a toilet by hand! Simply turn on the sprayer, rinse the poop, flush the toilet, and off you go to wash your diapers! Diaper Sprayers make diapering one million times easier if you wash your own!

Long story short: A diaper spray is essential when cloth diapering. I wouldn't want to be without one! If you want to spend at least $40 for an actual "Diaper Sprayer" be my guest! If you'd rather save yourself some money you can either make one yourself (just google "DIY Diaper Sprayer") or if you're lucky enough to have your toilet close to the shower head you can get a shower sprayer (which is the cheapest option if you find it online)

Happy Diapering in the New Year!

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