Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Gripe About "One Size" Cloth Diapers

One Size (also called OS) cloth diapers are all the rage now. Essentially, the rise is adjustable so the diaper can grow with your baby. Overall, I am a huge fan of One Size diapers. The majority of my diapers are One Size and I love them. I have been able to use the same stash of diapers the entire time we have been cloth diapering Baby "S" and I don't anticipate that changing until she is potty trained. However, one downside is that regardless of what the manufacturer states, they rarely fit a baby under 11-12 pounds.

My biggest gripe however, is that when the diaper is as large as it can get (see picture above), the snaps seem to bother Baby "S"'s chunky legs. As she is cruising around, they almost dig in. It doesn't seem to hurt her any, but seeing the little red imprints makes me a little worried. I have to make sure that she always has a onesie on so I can tuck it around the diaper to keep the open snaps from rubbing on her legs like when she has on a sleeper, romper, or pants without a onesie.

That's my biggest gripe. I must say, I see this being a problem with skinny babies, not just chunky babies like Baby "S". Too bad there isn't a way around this because I still prefer having the One Size diapers that grow with my baby as my primary stash.


MommyFerg02 said...

We have the opposite problem! My son is so skinny sometimes we can't get a good fit around the legs and there's gaps..which means leaks. But it also depends on the type of diaper too. Some OS work and some don't. Guess thats nothing new in the cd world lol

Tat said...

We never got to the 'large as it can get' size, but generally i found OSFM either too bulky for a small baby, or not absorbent enough when the baby becomes a toddler. The one exception is GroVia, which has both the fit and the absorbency.

Karissa said...

Hi sweets, loving your blog, I am a new (late) follower from Mommying on the Flys blog hop, would love it if you would follow back!!

Mommy "S" said...

MommyFerg...have you tried velcro closure instead of snap closure? I can't get a good fit with snaps either. I'm surprise that your baby doesn't get imprints from the rise snaps though...consider yourself lucky!

Tat...I find some of them bulky too (not KaWaii though) and they are only absorbent enough for daytime use not nighttime...not even close for night time!

Karissa....welcome to the blog! I'm following you back now! Look for some very exciting things to come!

~Mommy "S"