Monday, January 17, 2011

Sippy Cups: My Thoughts

Sippy cups....*sigh* I think sippy cups are a great way to teach your baby to transition to a "big-girl cup" and to start juices and such before your baby is ready for the "big girl cup".

However, I feel like the sippy cups are a bit annoying. I have 6 different kinds of sippy cups. One is the Playtex No Spill Locking cup. Guess what...even after it is locked it still leaks out around the top! This is not the only one that I have issues with, just my most recent annoyance.

Baby "S" seems to far prefer the Nuby Straw Sippy Cups because she can drink it while she's sitting up. She can only drink from the other kind of sippy cup if she is laying down because that's the only way she can get it up all the way so she can get the juice out without squishing her nose and hitting her head.

I also find sippy cups annoying because there are so many little parts that need to be cleaned after each use which uses up a lot of time. Last but not least, is the fact that there is no way to get all the juice out! There is always quite a bit left in the sippy regardless of how hard Baby "S" tries to get it out which seems like a total waste of juice to me.

Sippy cups seem so annoying most of the time, yet so helpful since Baby "S" is still a long way from true mastery of the open-top "big-girl cup"(although we won't stop trying until we get it). I guess all things baby come with pros and cons, yet Sippy Cups have proved to be the most annoying for me thus far. I'm still holding out hope that the perfect sippy exists somewhere out there and I simply have yet to find it.

Here's hoping you have better experiences in the sippy cup realm!

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