Friday, January 21, 2011

Upcoming Giveaways!

I have many upcoming events/giveaways in the works!

First, I'm working with Kissing Bunnies Cloth on a review/giveaway. It was originally planned to celebrate reaching my first goal of 50 followers, but my blog has been growing so fast that I have long since surpassed that goal. This may be to celebrate my second goal of 100 followers...we shall see!

Second, I will be participating in the Under Cover Event hosted by Cloth Diaper Addiction. During that event, I will be hosting at least three review/giveaways. Sponsors include: Zookies Diapers, Grandma Gift 11, and WoollyGoose. I'm hoping to add at least one other sponsor to the list as well. This event will run March 6-26 so stay tuned!

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