Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snaps V. Aplix

This is one of the hottest debates in the cloth diapering world. Many people are either on one side or the other; either you like it or you don't. I have yet to meet anyone that is indifferent about the type of closure on their diaper. Here, I am going to discuss my preferences and what I have found to be pros and cons for each type of closure.

Note: Aplix may also be called Velcro or Hook & Loop.

I far prefer Aplix closure. I have tried both snaps and Aplix, but with my little one Aplix is the much better choice. Here's why:

* It is easy to get a good fit around the waist and around the legs. Baby "S" is trimming out a bit around the waist but still has very chunky thighs. she needs her diaper tighter around the waist yet wider around the thighs. With Aplix, we are able to position the closure so the diaper fits exactly the way we want.
* If one falls off (although this hasn't happened yet and we're 8 months into cloth diapering) you can simply sew it back on, or easily buy another to sew back on.
*Quick closure for squirmy babies or those that cry through an entire change.

*At 9.5 months Baby "S" learned how to unhook the Aplix (one week later she learned how to pull the snaps off though).
*Curl in the laundry after time.
* Will likely create a "diaper chain" in the laundry because the laundry tabs only work for so long
*May become frayed over time depending on what brand the diaper company uses (for example, my Bum Genius Aplix hasn't lasted and is in terrible shape while my KaWaii Baby Aplix still looks brand new. We use the KaWaii Baby diapers more frequently).

* Snaps hold better for a baby that is trying to take their diaper off.
* Won't create a diaper chain in the laundry, making laundering a tad easier
* Won't stick to clothing (Aplix tabs may curl a bit and stick to the inside of clothing. Although this doesn't cause any damage to clothing or diaper, it can still be annoying)
* Two rows of snaps can help to create a more appropriate fit around waist and legs as snaps can be at different stations on each row (personally, this didn't help the fit for Baby "S" very much).

* When snaps fall off (as has happened to me a few times now), they are much harder to replace. I do not happen to have a snap press just lying around, and if you have lost the snap you will want to find one that at least comes close to matching the ones already on there.
* Very difficult to fasten with a wiggly baby on your hands or one that cries through the entire diaper change as it takes longer to fasten snaps
* More difficult to get an appropriate fit for baby.

My best advise is to give each style of closure a try. While I am extremely pro-Aplix and anti-snaps, you may find yourself the complete opposite. It is all about what works best for you and your baby. However, don't tie yourself down to just one style until you have tried and explored both snaps and Aplix closures. You may be surprised at what you prefer!

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Jaimie said...

Yes, I am new to cd (haven't started yet) and in trying to find an answer to what is the best closure, I get about 50-50 in answers. Guess I just have to try it and figure out what works for me. :) Thanks for your opinion though! I'll take all the help I can get!