Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 1 Under Cover: How To Get Fitted Diapers Cheap

I admit, fitted diapers are not the cheapest things in the world. Then on top of it you have to buy a cover! (Although you do not necessarily need one cover per fitted diaper depending on whether you use them during the daytime or nighttime). Here are some things I have found for getting good fitted diapers at a cheaper cost.

1. Try to win them. Takes a little time to enter but if you win then you get a fitted or two for free!

2. Make them. Either from a prefold diaper or from fabric. Depending on what fabric you get, how much, and from where it may be the cheapest option. Or, if you have a bunch of prefolds lying around that you don't use you can always turn them into some nice fitteds! Check the links below to find directions on sewing.
Prefold to Fitted
Sewing a Fitted

3. Check Etsy. Etsy is full of WAHMs and sometimes you can find a real gem for a low price. My all-time favorite fitted diaper is made by handsewnbyme and sold on Etsy. These diapers are cloth inside and out with layers of zorb in the middle. Very absorbent, cute, functional and cheap! Only $8.25 for a large + very reasonable shipping.

4. Check Ebay and other resale diaper sellers. Be careful of the quality. When I was checking this out, my first thought (I admit!) was that there is no way I want a diaper someone else used! But then I found that if you look frequently (as they get snatched up quickly) you can find barely used diapers that someone bought to try and ended up disliking. Just make sure if you bid on something that you don't bid over the limit of what it would cost you if you bought brand new!!

Those are my tips and what I usually do when buying diapers. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share! Happy Diapering!


Boise Wiebers said...

Thanks. I just ordered two diapers from her to try out. I left her a link to your blog so she would know you sent me. - Trisha

Christina said...

Thanks! I was excited to learn more about fitteds this week but quickly became discouraged by the prices I was seeing. This is very encouraging.

Mommy "S" said...

Christina--please don't be discouraged! If you even need help finding some cheap options for something you want to try please ask me...I've been doing this for several months now (8 actually)and I've learned sooo much! I'd be happy to share anything with you that you want to know :)

Trisha--Thanks for the shout out to Theresa! I love love love her diapers! If yours seem to make the baby too wet (my daughter is a very heavy wetter so in the morning she felt really wet), you can add a Bummis Fleece Liner to the inside to wick the moisture away from baby. Works wonders and is about $1/ insert for a package of 5. Very cheap if you have that problem like I did :)

Christina said...

Thank you. This post helped a lot and I did end up ordering some diapers from Handsewnbyme. I just started researching cloth and am hoping that I'll have everything I need by the time I have my baby in June.

Mommy "S" said...

Christina--I'm so glad! I hope you like them! I wrote a post titled Starting Your Stash:
Its a little long, but I hope you take the time to read it because it is what I have learned and some of what I would do different this time.

The big lesson I learned is to buy mostly only newborn sizes (and maybe a very very few One Size since OS doesn't fit newborns regardless of what the seller says...too big for tiny newborn legs). I made the mistake of buying a stash of Bum Genius and I don't like them but we're stuck becuase instead of getting only newborn and a few different kinds and brands, we went with just one brand. So that's my big push and what I hope everyone learns from me about cloth diapering.

Happy Diapering!!

Boise Wiebers said...

You're welcome for the shout out. I received an e-mail this morning saying my order was on the way. Thanks for the tip about the liners. I have heard of them.

Also, for Christina don't be afraid to add some prefolds, snappis, and covers to your newborn stash. They really are easy and oh so economical.