Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 2 Under Cover: What To Do With Unused Prefolds

Either you no longer need to use them or you tried them and you don't like them. Regardless, you have a stash of now-unused prefolds lying around taking up space and collecting dust. What to do with them? Here is a list of things I have done with my prefolds. Maybe you'll find a few helpful.

1. Donate them to The Cloth Diaper Foundation

2. Cut them up and sew them into reusable nursing pads

3. Cut them up and sew them into a fitted diaper

4. Toss a few in the garage for use when working on icky parts of cars

5. Use them as burp cloths (if they are absorbent enough to soak up pee they can handle even the worst case of reflux...trust me!)

6. Use them to dust and polish with

7. Let your kids cloth diaper their babydoll with them

8. Use them to line another diaper such as a fitted or pocket for added absorption.

9. Keep them in the kitchen for kids to use when learning to pour drinks or for when they help you in the kitchen

Regardless of whether you like them as diapers or not, prefold diapers are the most versatile diaper around. While we ended up disliking ours, we did give it a great effort and have never regretted getting them because we have used them in so many ways! I have even recommended that my new mommy friends get a pack to keep around the house regardless of whether they are cloth diapering or not (makes it easier when I try to convince them to give cloth diapering a try too)!

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