Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 3 Under Cover: Covers

The past few weeks we've been discussing prefolds and fitteds in the hope that you will try some of them. The missing ingredient with either of these is a cover. Covers are the part that keep the wet in. They are the barrier between the soiled diaper and the rest of baby's clothing. A cover can either make or break your system, in a manner of speaking.

A cover that is too small or not water resistant enough will not stop leaks. Therefore, when buying a cover it is important to be sure you order the right size. Since sizes tend to overlap (weight-wise) I prefer to order the size up if Baby "S" is borderline. That way, I can keep the cover pulled tight for the immediate future, and as she grows into the cover, I can fasten it further out.

One thing I love (no really...LOVE...I mean it) in a cover is fold over elastic (ie: FOE) binding around the entire cover. Rather than pinpoint elastic that goes around the legs and in the back, this elastic binding goes around the entire diaper cover. The cover will lay more flat that if it had the "real" elastic in it (Zookies covers I believe use fold over elastic). I like this because when I use a fitted at night, I like the front and legs to have a nice elastic-y tightness to it since Baby "S" is now a belly sleeper. It is not tight elastic like you might be thinking where the fabric will pull and bunch and leave a red mark on baby. This simply causes the fabric to roll up just a bit and to stay nice and tight against baby's skin rather than just hanging out...much better for a belly or side sleeper!

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