Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cloth Diaper Foundation

There is an awesome foundation out there called The Cloth Diaper Foundation. This foundation takes applications from families in need and upon approval will send them cloth diapers to get started with. It does not seem to matter what age the children are in order to be eligible. The missions statement clearly states that this is intended only to help a family get started with building their own stash and to assist families with their diapering needs as they learn their way around cloth.

A family is able to have their cloth donated to them at only the cost of $15 for shipping charges. Once finished with the provided stash, they return it to The Cloth Diaper Foundation so it may be passed along to another family. It doesn't stop there. The Foundation has provided links, tutorials, and a telephone number and email address for assistance with building your stash on a budget. They provide tips for sewing your own, buying used and buying new. If you need additional help, you are able to email them for further assistance.

Check out their video here!

How can you help? The website states that they never have enough cloth diapers to meet demands.
1) You can donate your stash! You know that diaper you never use and you've been meaning to sell? Send it off as a donation!
2) No more babies planned for the future and the last one potty trained? Send off your entire stash (or that which meets the guidelines on the website) to the Foundation!
3) Still using your stash but have a little extra dough lying around? Donate a few dollars to the Foundation. $5 will provide diapers for a family!
4) Want to try your hand at sewing (or know you can sew but have no reason to)? Sew a few diapers up and send them off to the Foundation!
5) Check out the volunteer webpage for more ideas
6) Participate in their giveaways, sweeps, and auctions to help them raise money
7) Spread the word about the Foundation!


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