Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Goals for the Blog

I have decided to write out my goals for this blog and to check them off (and add to them) as I go. Here are my goals as I see them right now:

1. Achieve 50 followers
2. Achieve 100 followers
3. Learn how to get companies to sponsor giveaways
4. Host my first giveaway
5. Continue to host many fun giveaways
6. Host my first giveaway event
7. Host a guest blogger about a topic that is of interest to my readers
8. Take suggestions from my readers and write about the topic, no matter how challenging, on designated days each month

Eight goals is probably enough for now. They are not listed in any specific order. If you are able to help with any of my goals, please comment on this post!

1 comment:

Crunchy Beach Mama said...

Hi! Congrats on your new blog! Those are some great goals and I can't wait to see you achieve them. Blogging is very addicting and lots of fun :)