Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cloth Rocks!....but why?

I've been asked several times now why we started using cloth and why we love it so much. Here's our story!

It all started when Baby "S" was still growing inside me. My mom asked me if I was thinking of cloth diapering or if I didn't want to mess with that and I would just do disposables like most other people. That's when I started researching cloth diapering...surely it had to have improved a bit since my mother cloth diapered me! What I learned over that few days of research is that yes, it really had improved...more than I could have imagined! So, Daddy "S" and I talked about it and we decided to register for a few cloth diapers and we planned to cloth diaper part time.

When Baby "S" was born, she was teeny tiny and our One Size diapers simply didn't come close to fitting her, so we used disposables without another thought. When Baby "S" was about 2.5-3 weeks old, she got a terrible chemical burn on her bottom. So bad that she screamed every. single. time she soiled her diaper at all. It was terrible. We started using only cloth wipes on her (although we have since gone to disposable wipes and are considering switching back...) and she had "no diaper time" as frequently as possible. We also put her cloth diapers on her even though they were still pretty big on her. We have since never looked back.

We continue to cloth diaper because first and foremost it is the best for the baby. Baby "S"'s chemical burn taught us that! We also still use cloth because it is so easy. It is not that big of a deal to do a few extra loads of laundry each week. Its not so hard to rinse the poop out (or get bio-degradable inserts to put in each diaper and just pull out and toss in the toilet poop and all). Its not that big of a deal to stuff diapers either. Honestly, we like cloth diapering. Plus, the diapers are sooo cute! Even Daddy "S" will stuff diapers and willingly uses them.

Cloth diapers are very easy to care for, to use, and they are adorable! There are so many different options these days that you can choose the one that works best for your baby and your lifestyle. I will post many more cloth diaper instructions as the days go on to help you to understand why I love cloth so much. We're even considering getting a newborn stash (someday) so that our next one never needs a disposable! I truly believe that CLOTH ROCKS!!


Tat said...

My baby daughter was getting rashes from the disposables, too. They weren't too bad and I thought they were just part of being in diapers. I didn't realise until after I switched to cloth that the rashes were due to wearing disposables. Your newest follower from the Cloth Blog Hop.

Lizze said...

I have loved cloth ever since we switched when my son was 14 months old - and like you said - never looked back!

I'm your newest follower - thanks for stopping by my blog!

JMBS / SallyAnneS said...

Why did you switch to disposable wipes after using cloth? I am learning about CD and hope to use it for my little one due in May. Thank you for your blog - I am learning so much.

Mommy "S" said...

First of all, Congratulations on your little one! May is a good month for a baby! (Baby "S" was born May 4). If you have any questions about cloth that I have not answered please ask!

Now about your question: honestly the disposables just seemed easier at the time because of how often she was needing changed and how much we were traveling. However, now that I've done some research I plan to try cloth wipes again. Daddy "S" is on the fence so I'll probably cloth wipe and he'll disposable wipe (until I prove my way is better hehehe).

One of the reasons we found cloth wipes so difficult was because we kept walking to a sink to wet the wipes. I have since found many suggestions about how to wet them right at the changing table. I'll update once I've had time to try them for a bit :)