Thursday, December 16, 2010

Milking the Cow

I hear many moms complain about pumping, and I assume the real reason we don't like it is because there is no bond involved. When you nurse your baby, you get to hold your child, cuddle them, and share that special moment. The hard piece of plastic used to pump does not offer the same satisfaction. Thinking of your child during that time, or occupying yourself with something is a good way to make the time pass more quickly.

Honestly, the title closely describes what I feel like whenever I have to pump. I work part time and as such I miss one feeding that I need to pump for. I feel like a cow being hooked up to pump. I'm not at all a fan to be entirely honest. Some days I wonder what it would hurt to simply not pump that day. The reality is that it wouldn't hurt at all. One skipped feeding does not adversely affect my supply, especially when I have such a nice supply in the freezer that I keep adding to. I know though that if I went down that road I would allow it to become a habit instead of an occasional skipping.

On the other hand, I must say that because I need to work, I am glad that I have the option to pump and that it is as easy as it is these days. I have a Lansinoh Double EIlectric BPA Pump. While it may not be the absolute best, it certainly is great! I usually pump 15-20 min in that session. I love that my Dr. Brown's bottles can attach right to the flanges and once I'm done pumping I can simply cap the bottles. Now, I admit, I don't wash the heads right away. I put them in a plastic ziploc bag to wash at home because I have nowhere else to wash them. In addition, I work in a room with 3 other women and that is also where I pump. I have an old man's dress shirt that I turn around (so the buttons are toward my back) and I put my arms through it. That way I'm totally covered in the front and I can pump around the others.

We often joke in the room that I am hooking myself up to the milking machine because I am tethered to the seat and only able to move as far as the cord will allow. However, it is nice that I am able to provide breastmilk for my baby so easily while not being present.

As far as pumping goes, there are pros and cons, yet somehow the pros far outweigh the cons. I can put up with feeling like a cow being milked for 30min each day in order to provide for my baby!

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