Saturday, December 4, 2010

Look in "the bag"

Here is a peek inside my diaper bag! This is how I pack for a few hours out of the house while still cloth diapering.

First of all, my bag is a JJCole diaper bag. Amazing bag and absolutely worth the extra bit of even attaches to my stroller! (separate product review on the diaper bag coming soon).

Included in my bag I have: diapering products, small container of disposable wipes, bags for disposable wipes, toys, book,washcloth and burpcloth, change of clothes, nursing cover, and 4 diapers: 3 pockets and 1 AIO. I generally also have a sippy cup that fits into one of the side pockets. I have ample amount of room available for hats, gloves, and more diapers even after all that you see packed. Oh, and yes, I can still easily zipper the top!

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