Saturday, December 4, 2010


Its official: Baby "S" has teeth! She cut her two bottom teeth at the same time about 2 weeks ago. That was fun...cutting two at once! We kept thinking: "she already cut it how come she's so crabby still?!" Because the second one was still cutting through! Ahh! She's even more adorable now though. When she smiles you can see them sticking up all tiny and white...cuteness!

Now, I don't care who says things aren't related to teething, when you're a mommy you know what's up! Baby "S"got less than stellar (and not so solid) poops, an extremely stuffy nose, and super clingy as she was cutting these teeth. Tylenol was my bestfried at this time....not sure we would have survived without it! Honestly, we didn't even try Orajel because it freaks me out....why would I put something on her gums that could numb her throat so she chokes on her saliva?! No thanks...I'll just stick with tylenol. We only gave her a max of 2 doses per 24 hours (on the worse day I believe she got 3 doses) which poses extremely little risk to her liver at this age.

Thank goodness she got her first two in! Hopefully the rest cut easier than these two! Of course, these last three days she has been very sleepy and crabby and has been shoving as much in her mouth to chew on as possible....we are either beginning the next growth spurt, or she's working up to cutting more teeth (Don't we get a break after she cuts the first two?!).

Oh's to long naps, cuddles, and lots of patients! (oh, and don't forget the teething rings and frozen wash cloths!)


Jessica said...

Love the new Blog!
You seem to be well informed, how do you do it? I have no children yet and am wondering if it is some magical spell that over comes you once your first child is born ;)

Mommy "S" said...


it would be wonderful if there was a magical spell! Unfortunately there is no spell involved...just some good old fashioned research. I read reviews and I used the Baby Bargains book when registering. Of course there is also trial and learn as you go! Don't worry, when you become a mommy you will get to know your baby and you will become an expert :)

~Mommy "S"

Jessica said...

I will have to look into that Baby Bargains book when my time comes around :)