Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product Review: Fisher Price Rainforst Bouncy Seat

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions.

Rating: A

Review: By far the best bouncy seat that we have tried (so far we've tried four, all by Fisher Price). This seat has a removable toy bar if you would like your baby to experience simply vibrations for soothing effects. When you would like baby entertained, snap the toy bar onto the seat and turn it on. The toy bar has two settings: repetitive music, and interactive play. When Baby "S" was about 3 months old, we used the repetitive music and lights setting so she was entertained long enough for us to take a shower or eat. She loved watching the show and would sit quietly long enough for us to get a few things done without carting her around (such as a shower when it is simply not a great idea to cart the baby with you ;-D) Once she got to be about 5 months old, she started to seriously enjoy the interactive play setting. At 7 months old, she still likes to play with it (although sometimes she'll sit in front of it instead of in the seat and play with the toys since you can see the show from either side). Our favorite feature is the fact that it will play without input from the baby so it can be used as entertainment for baby before baby is able to interact with the toy. This can make shower time much easier with a newborn or young infant! I strongly recommend this product to any parent of a young child. We have not found any downside to this product in the past 7 months of use.

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Maria said...

We used the little rainforest jungle gym dealie and the mobile and my son loved both!