Saturday, December 4, 2010

Product Review: Ka Waii Baby One Size Pocket Diapers

This product review is written by me and 100% my own opinions.

Rating: A+
I would buy this product again in a heartbeat!

Review: I love the Ka Waii Baby diapers! They are soft, waterproof, very roomy, fold nice and thin, and are very trim as far as cloth diapers go. I have the heavy wetter and the regular versions of this diaper and both are absolutely wonderful. This is the only diaper brand that I have never had a leaking problem with. This diaper is by far my favorite cloth diaper!

My only real gripe is that with the heavy wetter diapers, the micro-fleece inside can get a bit warmer on Baby "S" on a hot summer day compared to a micro-sued inside from the other diapers (Ka Waii Baby Diapers are made with either micro-suede or micro-fleece inside...your choice). If this bothers you, then just don't buy the heavy wetter diapers (or email her and ask if she will use a different material on the inside). I do like them for cool winter days however as they keep my daughter's tush nice and warm!

Also, I should note that after months of use I prefer the micro-fleece inside because it stays softer (the micro-suede inside my Bum Genius diapers seems to almost pill after months of use). Also, it is easier to get the poop off of micro-fleece and it doesn't stain as badly, I would buy diapers with the micro-fleece inside again in a heartbeat!

The best part: they are only $7!

Update: After 9 months of use this diaper looks pristine. Honestly, these are the first diapers that we reach for every time so they get the most use but they still look brand new. The aplix isn't becoming fuzzy or pulling off, the insides aren't pilling, and the outside is still nice and soft. By far the best diapers that I own!

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