Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great Breastfeeding Resource

If you haven't heard of The Leaky B@@b, you need to go check them out! They have a blog, which is fun to read and full of great resources. They also have a facebook page and private chat boards. Its not just information here. The Leaky B@@b is committed to providing support and answering questions for all followers/participants. I've used their resources several times now, and I've also been able to give advice in many cases as well. As far as support goes, their site is a must!

Best For Babies (BfB) is another wonderful resource that you need to check out. They have support and tips whether you are expecting your first or your fifth as well as tips and help for moms who have already given birth to their baby. I especially like the Checklist for Expecting Moms and The Forms for moms that have recently given birth. Also, the article: The Booby Traps is a must read! It is going to be helpful whether you are planning your journey, just starting your journey, or (like me) are well into your journey. The article helps you understand society and some of the pitfalls of breastfeeding as well as ways that you can avoid these "booby traps" and succeed at breastfeeding your baby.


Anonymous said...

What a great list of resources! I will be laughing about the Leaky B@@B all day :)
I'm a new follower, following back from the hop!

Emma Michaels said...

I am a follower! I hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

Emma Michaels