Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trying New Things

As you go along your cloth diapering journey, you may find that you need to try new methods of diapering to fit your ever-changing baby and your ever-changing needs. Granted, sometimes it will not work out as well as you hope, but other times you may stumble upon a method that you like as much or, dare I say, even better than what you are already using!

Baby "S" is an extremely heavy wetter. At night, we have been using a pocket diaper with two microfiber inserts, but Baby "S" is generally able to wet through at least one of those each night. By wet through, I mean that her jammies are soaked as well as her diaper. She needs a full change at least once most nights. Of course, the change upsets her and she cries and cries. It then takes me around 30 minutes to settle her down and get her back to sleep for the night. Too long a process in my opinion!

After some research and asking around, I've found that mommies (and some daddies) of other heavy wetters use a fitted diaper with a wool soaker over it for night-times. Therefor, I have decided to attempt to knit my own wool soaker. I am using this pattern. I will need to learn to crochet the leg edges, but I am rather good at knitting. Although I do consider myself good at knitting, I am a little rusty, so I will brush up on my skills using this website that has wonderful tutorial videos! Also, I believe I will order a fitted diaper from this etsy seller. Look for an update on how this system works as well as how the knitting goes!

For daytime use, I will be reviewing an AI2 diaper (look for a giveaway with that review soon!!). Kissing Bunnies Cloth is in the process of making me a diaper for the review and will work with the giveaway winner to make a custom diaper. I'm so excited to try an AI2 diaper! I have heard of them but have never seen or experience one personally.

Please do not be afraid of trying new diaper forms during your journey!


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Tat said...

Good luck with your knitting, please post some photos when you are done!

Living on Love and Cents said...

Good luck with that. I wish I had done cloth diapering! Thanks for joining us on Traveling Through Thursday! I'd love for you to join me on fb and twitter if you haven't already! Have a fab day!

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Mommy "S" said...

Thanks for all the follows!

Tat: I absolutely will post pics once I'm done :) I'm going to get the yarn this weekend so hopefully I can finish quickly!

~Mommy "S"

Amanda said...

Good for you on attempting cloth diapering!! The sight and smell of poopie/blow out diapers make me sick.. I deal with them when I can throw out the diaper :) If I had to wash them I would toss it! LOL

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