Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Cloth Diapering Resources

I have found over time that when I research different cloth diapering topics online there are mulitple sites with answers to the same questions and I feel that I waste a lot of time looking for the resource with the most clear, east to use, helpful information. Therefore, I have decided to help out all my followers and friends by posting the list of my favorite articles and resources to make it easier for you. Happy Diapering!

Here are links to articles that I have found to be helpful:

How Many Cloth Diapers?
New To Cloth FAQ
More FAQ
10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me
10 Reasons To Cloth Diaper
10 Myths About Cloth Diapering

Here are links to information. These are the ones that I use most often and I have found to be the most helpful:

Detergent Chart
Diaper Fabric Explained
Washing Cloth
Stripping Cloth (easier than you think)
Pros & Cons: The Systems Explained <--BEST place for a beginner or someone looking to try a new system to start!! Truly a “must-read”

Here is a linky list of accessories that I find to be essential for making your experience as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible:

Diaper pail liner (I have 2 of these because when I wash diapers, I toss the liner in with them and put the second in the pail right away)

Wet Bags (I have 2 large drawstring bags that I keep folded up in my diaper bag at all times—they fold up sooo tiny yet somehow each holds at least 6 soiled pocket diapers + cloth wipes !)

Diaper Sprayer. I linked to one but there are a lot of other options besides spending this much on one. You can very easily make your own. Or, if your shower sprayer reaches the toilet bowl you can just use that…its what I do. However, you probably won’t need one until your baby starts purees and the poops begin to become a bit more solid.

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