Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Goals For My Life

This is a follow up to the below post that I wrote.

I have decided that while I still would like nothing more than to stay at home with my daughter, it is just in the cards right now. However, homeschooling her is still very important to me. Therefore, I have decided that my goal is to save enough that in another 3-ish years I can stay home with my daughter for the purpose of homeschooling her through elementary school provided my husband has a job at that time.

I plan to save this money by:
* (hopefully) getting a new job seeing as how in two months old I will be out of a job.
* Writing for
* Writing for (I just got accepted! Yay!)
* Also, you'll see ads going up on my blog soon as well

And just for fun, I've picked up an old book idea of mine and am in the process of writing a mystery book that might hopefully get published one day.

Here's hoping I can achieve my goal! I'll keep you all posted!

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