Saturday, April 16, 2011

Product Review: Bummis Swimmi Diaper

Rating: A+
I would buy more of these in a heartbeat!

We recently began taking Baby "S" to the pool at our local YMCA. As I'm sure you know by now, I'm not a fan of disposable anything due to personal experience, so of course I did a little research and ordered two Bummis Swimmi Diapers. Most of the reviews I read were positive for this diaper. After using it once, I love it! Here's why I think this is the best swim diaper out there:

The outside of the diaper is very soft which is good if your little one has chubby legs that will rub on the diaper. The inside is a breathable mesh that does not stick to baby's bottom. The diaper itself is very stretchy. I ordered a size Large (22-30lbs) and on Baby "S" (about 25lbs), I was able to cross the tabs over to make it nice and secure without getting any disturbing red marks on her thighs. In addition, the diaper is very trim. It fits easily under her swimsuit and is not very bulky at all.

The performance of the diaper is superb. We had no leaks of any kind. It keeps everything in that should be in. After about 45min of swimming, the diaper was quite heavy when I took it off, leading me to believe that it does absorb liquid (poll water and urine both) quite effectively.

The only drawback I have found for this diaper is the lack of laundry tabs. You must fasten the diaper as you would if it was on the baby for washing. This is not a big deal when it is going through the wash, but when you hang it up to dry the tabs get caught on everything, including the diaper itself. I do wish that it had laundry tabs to make washing easier. On the washing note: it is very easy to wash (just toss in with your other diapers or your swimsuits), and it dries very quickly. I threw mine in the wash at 9pm last night, and hung them up to dry. By 10:30am both were dry so we could use them again this morning.

Overall, a wonderful swim diaper! I highly recommend this to everyone! (at $12/swimmi you really can't beat the price! Imagine how many disposables you'd get for $12....try making that last through the summer!)

Happy Diapering!

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